Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scott's birthday

This weekend Leiann and I went to my cousin Scott's 30th birthday at the Wilde Rover Irish Pub. I don't even remember the last time I have actually gone out so it was a lot of fun. It's hard to believe Scott is already 30-it seems like just yesterday he was sporting curdoroy overalls and buckets on his head. Oh yes, time really does fly by the older you get.
Here are some pictures from the event.

Leiann and I before heading out to the bar. We decided to take some updated pictures since we've lost 70lbs between us-just about 35 lbs each.
Me-I really like this picture, with the exception to the lip gloss on my front teeth. Nice.
Me and two of my fave cousins, Scott and Barb

The birthday boy!
Kay, Moi, dad and Trevor Me and the bro

Another cousin shot I love the face

Awww And the boys in the family

Thursday, April 23, 2009

cars cars cars

Some families like to hike. Ours likes to visit car dealerships.
You see, Anthony and I are both car enthusiasts and mostly the German type. We've always enjoyed checking out cars. We'll spend an afternoon checking out the newest BMW models at the dealership, or sitting in all the Audis in the showroom. We rarely miss a car show-car enthusiast heaven!

Today we were at Costco and they had a new Chevy Tahoe parked inside. We took a peek but of course the doors were locked so we couldn't see much. I turned to Anthony and said, "I know what we can do this afternoon-go look at the American cars." He had the same thought. We never check out the American cars so this was a whole new adventure for us. And Sydney is always up for anything, she DETESTS going home. She loves to be out and about. And well Alex-as long as he has a bottle and binky he is good to go!

First we stopped at the Audi dealership to get the Beamer washed up (we get free car washes for life) and of course went inside and sat in all the cars. (My favorite is the Audi Q7, his is the Audi A5.) They all practically know Anthony and Sydney by name since this is a regular stop for daddy/daughter day. And we've purchased three cars there.
Then we headed over to the GMC dealership to check out the Denali. I have to admit I am not normally an American car fan, but if we ever did buy American, the Denali or Tahoe would be my choice. They are pretty sweet. In fact I drove one because the salesperson was practically pleading with us to take it out. Oh if I must. Truth be told I love taking cars out for test drives and like to drive a little crazy to really "test" the car. It freaks the salespeople out a little bit too. We went home with the same cars we started the day out with, and no-the Q7 is still on the top of my list. As much as I want to support the good ol USA, I just can't see myself driving a big American rig. Not my style. Now the Q7-so my style.

Okay, enough of the car obsession-check out these cute pictures of the kids today.

Alex in Anthony's lap during the car wash
Mmmm...yummy teething ring
How's my driving mommy?
Anthony and the kiddos testing out the A5

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here comes the sun

Okay so we haven't had sun for a couple days now, but we did-for a few days at least and it was great! And supposedly it's coming back soon.
I have to say that I truly love being home with my kids. And the sunny days where we can spend time outside make them all the better. We've been eating meals out on our deck and getting a lot of playtime in outside. Sydney loves being outside and Alex is already a fan too. Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying the sun earlier in the week.

Alex enjoyed his time in the bouncer on the patio
Mr. Smiles
We set up this "tent" thing to play in and provide a bit of shade for the little guy-Sydney enjoyed playing house in it. Here she is painting the walls.
My little bubba enjoyed his first ride in the swing.
Here's Sydney cleaning her playset-where does she get this from? Oh that's right, Jessica.
And the kiddos

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

Today we celebrated Nana's birthday with a trip down to Greenlake. We took a little walk around the lake and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. The weather was pretty nice too and the place was pretty busy-nothing like a little sun to get people out of their homes-with their dogs. Wow we saw a ton of dogs. Sydney was in heaven. The girl loves her doggies, even if she won't get too close to them.

Here's how we prepared for Nana's birthday-Anthony and Sydney made gingerbread cookies for Nana-her favorite!

We made cookies in the shape of hearts, dresses, handbags and shoes! Perfect. Check out Sydney's decorating technique....
Papa and Nana with the kiddos
The stroller always knocks Alex out
Swings are the best!
The grandparents with the sleepy boy
And two of my most favorite people ever

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alex at 4 months

Today we had Alex's four month appointment. How is it possible that he is already four months? And do I ask that every month? Probably.
Our little man weighs in at 14 lbs 7 ozs and is 24 1/2 inches long. This puts him at the 30th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. His head is in the 70th percentile-big head to hold all those brains! He's doing great and the doctor answered ALL my questions ( I always ask a ton) and gave us some advice regarding the sleep situation. The boy is a dream come true-so easy going, he is literally content just hanging out in his swing, bumbo or bouncer for long periods of time. He only cries when he needs something and he smiles at us most the day. He's just a happy kid. The sleeping thing though-oh boy. Hopefully we'll get this down soon so mommy and daddy can get some uninterrupted rest!

We also started feeding Alex rice cereal and oatmeal about a week and a half ago. He is a big fan of eating and seems to enjoy his food. I am looking forward to introducing him to veggies and fruits here soon. I am going granola and plan on making all his baby food. I know huh? So unlike me. I love the idea of feeding my son "real food" while saving money.

Here's a video of Alex eating his rice cereal-you might notice he's a bit passionate about his food....

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a terrific Easter this year. The Easter bunny left the kids some nice things in their Easter baskets. Alex received some toys and binkies, which he always loves.
The bunny must know Sydney pretty well because he gave her cupcake holders, cake mix, frosting, princess toothpaste, a princess wand, Dora band-aids, M&M's, a chocolate bunny and a Cinderella costume. Sydney loved everything. She spent most the morning playing with the cupcake stuff, and asked me if she could open the cake mix. We will definitely be making cupcakes asap. And the girl loves toothpaste-she loves to carry it around and pretend it's a microphone.

We went the the Easter service at our church in the afternoon and brought my dad and Kay along. Afterwards we all went back to our house where Trevor joined us for enchiladas and chocolate pie for dessert.

My little princess
Sydney loves her gifts from the bunny
Alex loved his toys

Our family
The grandparents with the kiddos
Sydney talked uncle Trev into playing Legos
Sydney and my bro
My sweethearts
Nana and Papa hooked us up with these cute outfits for the kids. My dad is known for his Hawaiian shirts, so it's no surprise that he bought Alex one. And if it was up to Nana, Sydney would wear dresses every day so she bought her a beautiful dress.

I've decided self portraits are always the most flattering pictures, so here you go....

And Sydney took this one of Alex and I

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Kristin and Mark hosted the 2nd annual Easter Egg Invitational at their house today. It was great fun for all! The kids had a great time playing, finding Easter eggs, decorating cookies, and even more playing. The kids always have so much fun together and it's been fun watching Jakey get into the mix too now that he is older.

Pictures from our day....

The dads hiding the eggs. Seriously, Dan holding that pink basket makes me crack up every time. More so than Anthony carrying Sydney's for some reason....
The kids getting ready to rumble...I mean find the eggs
And there they go!
There was an egg spotting so the kids all ran for it...
Decorating the cookies

Umm...I highly recommend NOT using blue decorating gel
How cute are these too?
So I had this brilliant idea of getting the older kids to sit on the couch, and to put the younger ones on their laps. This is how is began.....Jakey was not having it and I had to bribe Cole with an M&M
This is what we ended up with. Okay, so not exactly what I had in mind but cute nonetheless. We'll try this again next year-where we'll probably have all three younger bros trying to get away.
And I just can't resist.....
And Alex and Brady only two baby boys can

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