Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A whole lotta pictures...

So yeah-updating the blog used to be so easy with just one kid. Now it seems I have no time. And when I do have time, I choose to do other things. However if you check out some of my friend's blogs, you might just see what we're up to-like currently and not a month later. ;0

I have a ton of pictures so let's see how far I can get through them.

A recent trip to Edmonds Beach with the kiddos-and by recent I mean sometime in June

Our first swim in the pool

Alex modeling his new bathing suit
Sydney just loves the pool
Alex loved his first swim-and his faux hawk!

Sydney really really wanted to wear her old jammies she found. They were size 12 months and actually they did fit-the neckline was just way way lower than normal. We decided to cut the feet off so she could still wear them-and my crafty hub made slippers out of the feet. These are her current fave jammies right now.

Swing kids
Alex hanging in the swing.
Each year we do the Susan G. Komen 5k in honor of my mom who lost her battle to breast cancer 13 years ago. This year we had even more family and friends turn out which was awesome!

Here are Trevor, Sydney and Nana
Many of the group
Trevor with our aunts (my mom's sisters) Cheryl and Char. Char is now a 20 year breast cancer survivor. After my mom was diagnosed at age 38 with breast cancer, my aunt Char went to have a mammogram and she was also diagnosed with breast cancer, at age 37. She always credits my mom to saving her life as she would never had gotten a mammogram that early on, especially with no previous family history.
Me and the bro
My little girl and I. I love that Sydney and I do this walk together to honor the grandma she only knows through stories and pictures.

Team Wallene

Most of the group
Sydney with Papa and Nana
And it's just not a family event without some celebrating.
Sydney and her new bff Lindsay. Lindsay is the daughter of my cousin Kristy's friend Mel. Sydney just loved Lindsay and keeps asking me when we're getting together for a playdate with Lindsay.
My little man...cheerio hanging out of his mouth and all
I just can't get enough of those big blue eyes and those cheeks!

Sydney blowing bubbles for Alex
We had the family over to celebrate Trevor's 25th birthday-okay not really-35th actually. He just THINKS he's 25. We also celebrated Father's day.

Sydney really wanted to swing with Trevor

Alex and Nana
Trevor and his girlfriend Mychelle and Alex
Trevor is totally comfortable with holding a baby-can't you tell?

Trevor and Syd waiting patiently to dive into those cupcakes.

Alex with Nana and Papa

I took a picture or twelve of the bro with the kids, but didn't take one of my husband with the kids. Nice. Happy Father's day honey!

Taking daddy to his favorite Greek restaurant to celebrate Father's day.
Sydney and her new doll
Sydney is definitely a daddy's girl
And my momma's boy

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Six months!

My little baby is already six months old-wow. Time flies even quicker with the second child. Alex is such a delight. He is just the happiest baby and smiles all the time. And the little guy loves the ladies already. He does the big grin, buries his face into me, and then gives the ladies another big grin. Love it.

He weighs in at 16 lbs, 10 ozs which puts him in the 30th percentile. He is 25 1/2 inches long, putting him in the 12th percentile. Yup, he's short! He makes up for it with his head size-can't remember what it is but it's the 70th percentile. Fairly certain it's for all those brains.

He has two teeth now, both on the bottom. His new favorite food is mango-just made him some tonight and he went wild over them. He also started eating Gerber puffs and Cheerios and he's pretty excited about those too.

He's also figured out the sleep thing, hallelujah! He goes to bed between 7pm-8pm. Wakes up around 5ish for a bottle and then goes back to sleep until 8am or so. Takes a two hour nap at 10am and then again around 2pm. Yesss. This makes mommy very very happy.

He's just into everything, it's amazing. I could have put wine glasses in front of Sydney at this age and she never would have touched them. Alex is quite the opposite and is always grabbing my glasses and reaching for things. We never really baby proofed with Sydney-have a feeling we'll definitely be doing that very soon!

Here are some pictures of the little guy-and of course Sydney too. The best big sister ever. She is such a big help and I love that I can send her into Alex's room when he has woken up. She sings to him, plays with him and reads him stories. My little mommy is just the best little helper.
Alex's six month portrait

Big sissy Sydney

The loves of my life