Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's a....


We are beyond excited to have one of each. We saw the boy parts a few times since our not so shy guy kept flashing his goods, which was great for us! Everything looked great, although we weren't able to get a clear picture of the heart since he was facing the other way. In four weeks I'll have another ultrasound to look at things again...yes please. Bring on the ultrasounds!

The baby boy is 12 ounces and is in the 50th percentile at this time. And the doc says we're still looking good for the Dec 10th c-section, so if everything goes well than that will be the big day! Only 19 weeks left!

Sydney was with us for the ultrasound and she was so excited to hear the baby is a boy...that's what she really wanted. Anthony just beamed. He kept saying he would love to have another little girl, but I know deep down he wanted a little boy. Sydney even talked to baby and he moved a little for her! He loves his big sis already. to start online shopping! I just received a coupon for 20% off baby Gap and Old Navy...perfect timing.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My manicure

Sydney decided it was time I had a manicure, so she "clipped" my nails, which actually she put the nail clippers next to each nail and pretended to clip. Then I let my child paint my nails...yes I am brave. She did very well actually, and my pink striped nails look rockin.

And this afternoon I told Sydney, "You're so cute Sydney." She told me, "I not cute. I am funny." There you go, my funny and not cute little girl.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My happy day!

Today is my 28th birthday...that's right, 28 is the new 33. Nice huh?

We had a terrific day. Anthony took the day off from work and we headed over to Edmonds. We started off with lunch at Anthony's Homeport Beach Cafe. The lunch was great. Then we headed over to Marina Beach park and played in the water. Saying that Sydney loves the beach is an understatement. She started off by scooping sand into the water, then Anthony and Sydney threw rocks into the water, and she ended her beach time by running back and forth in the shallow and cold water with about a dozen other activites in between. She had a blast. We walked up to the play area and played a bit on the toys. This is a great park-definitely on our list of one of our faves.

We headed home, all took a nap, and then headed over to meet my dad and Kay for dinner at a favorite burger place, The blazing Onion. After dinner we enjoyed a nice outdoor concert and even did a little Pier 1 shopping.

It was such a beautiful day today, it was high 70's and it was perfect. I feel so blessed to be able to spend such a great day with my wonderful family. And now we're on a countdown to the next birthday in the family...Sydneys! I can't believe she is only a month and a half away from turning three!!!!!

Here are pictures....

Enjoying her fish and chips The beach!
Sydney ran up the beach, put sand on her shovel, and ran down and put it in the water. Over and over.

Me and my girl
The O family
Running from the waves
Running up and down the beach

The playground with the million dollar view
This was at dinner. We had to wake up Sydney from her nap which 9 out of 10 times does NOT work in our favor. The girl gets cra-nky. Anyway, after a tantrum inside the restaurant I took her outside and she told me she needed time to herself. So here you go...I am sure it was a funny sight to see a toddler eating all by herself but ten minutes of this and she was much better.
Playing with papa
Fun with papa and nana

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!

It's no secret that I am terrible at wishing people a happy birthday on this blog. I started off with the best of intentions-January and February were great. I had one birthday to remember and it was a success. Then there were a few grandma birthdays I was about a week late in posting about, and over the next few months after that I missed friends birthdays, along with Pop-o, a couple of brother's birthdays along with a godparent. So here is a HUGE Happy Birthday to all my friends and family who I didn't post about on this blog. And just for the record, I did call or e-mail those family and friends. I didn't completely flake. Maybe next year I will be better....maybe. No promises though.

Okay, so with all that out of the way...

I've always heard that you marry someone like your dad, and when I married Anthony I thought, "Well they are kind of similar, but their hobbies are completely different-Anthony doesn't love soccer and golf like my dad." Then Sydney arrived and I saw the love and adoration between Anthony and Sydney that my dad and I have always shared. Sydney looks up to her daddy just like I always did with my dad.

Thanks dad for all the love and support over the years. Thanks for putting up with my six year college plan-don't worry, I'll take care of you on the flip side when you get old. Thanks for letting me learn to drive a stick shift on your brand new Toyota truck in 1991. See, I didn't do too much damage, it's still running 17 years and 360k miles later. Thanks for coming out to look for me when I was 20 minutes late for curfew and mom was panicking and sent you out to look for me. Sorry about that. And thanks for marrying two wonderful women, mom and Kay. You know how to pick them. And lastly, thank you for being such a good grandpa to Sydney, she loves you so much.

I had to include this picture-it's one of my faves of the family. It was taken in the late 70's-can you tell? I was 2 1/2 in this picture and Trevor was 3 1/2.

Papa and 3 day old Sydney-they even have the same hair style!
And Nana and Papa at our wedding

Greg and Jessica's new house!

Tonight Sydney and I went to Greg and Jessica's new house for dinner. Their house is beautiful! It is completely remodeled and really, it's gorgeous. The kitchen was my favorite part. Wow, with a kitchen like that I might even cook. Okay, who am I kidding, no I wouldn't. Sydney loved it too. On the way home she said, "I love Desseca and Gweg's new house. It's so nice."

Here are some cute pictures-
Sydney surprising Jessica outside the kitchen window

Jessica made me a birthday cake! How sweet, it was delish!
Jessica let Sydney sample the cake, minutes later there was a huge chunk gone. No wonder she loves these two so much, she gets to put her fingers in the cake, haha.
Jessica and her Gweg. These two were together the whole night, poor Jessica had about 4 minutes with Sydney. I seriously worry how Sydney will do when these two have kids. A while back we saw a picture of Greg holding another little boy and Sydney kept saying, "That's MY Gweg!" Uh oh. She's pretty good at sharing, with the exception of Greg and Jessica.
And the happy little family, haha. Sydney with two of her fave people at their beautiful new house. Congrats you guys, it's beautiful. Thanks for a fun night!!!

Back seat driver

My child is a back seat driver. Here is a sampling of the conversation in the car today.

"Mommy, watch out for that car. Don't hit the car."
"Mommy, that light red. Stop."
"Mommy, take a right here." (and she was correct!)
"Are your headlights on mommy?"
"Faster mommy."
"Music too loud mommy."

Yes, this is my payback for being a back seat driver to the hub at times. Okay, I am not that bad but I am fairly certain most of these phrases have come out of my mouth from time to time. Anthony just laughed when I told him tonight. I am fairly certain he giggled inside for a good hour while thinking, "See, not so much fun huh??"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's always fun times with Cole

Today after Soccer we went to Cole's house, one of Sydney's favorite places to go-I mean hello, he has a ton of fun toys! Plus she adores her bud Cole so much and they have a great time playing together.

Here are some pics of the kiddos-

Playing in the teepee

Sydney doing stunts on her scooter-yup, this is what 12 potties on the potty buys you in the O house
And for some reason it's way more fun to push the toys instead of riding on them all time

Silly kids

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Mommy and Me Soccer

Today was our first mommy and me soccer class. Sydney seemed to enjoy it quite a bit and loved the little games the kids played. We started off by doing warm ups-dribbling the ball to different colored flags. Then the kids sat in a circle on their soccer balls and listened for directions to the next activity. The kids were all handed a card with different farm animals on them and they had to pick an animal and make the animal sound while kicking the ball to the flag. It was pretty cute watching all these kids run around mooing, baaing and clucking. We then did a toddler version of keep away-well kind of-with the toddlers and parents. The finale was running down the field with the soccer ball and scoring a goal. This was pretty exciting for most the kids when they scored and received applause for it.

We have been using a jr. version of a soccer ball at our house so using a regular soccer ball was a new thing for us. Every time Sydney kicked the ball she would grunt, then she had to step back because it took so much out of her when she kicked. It was pretty funny actually, although my child is always a bit of a drama queen so the grunt may have been a bit exaggerated....just a bit.

The kids range from 2-3 1/2 which is really a big age difference actually. Some of the smaller kids weren't really into running around kicking a ball, and I think half the boys just wanted to run around, and run right to the park toys nearby. I'm happy with the class though-I think it's going to teach Sydney coordination, teamwork, leadership and good listening skills. Here are some pictures of the kiddos (Sydney and Kaden) at soccer today...

Sitting in a circle (ish) while waiting for instructions

Kaden after scoring his goal
Sydney was so proud of her goal
Sydney and her bud Kaden

Friday, July 18, 2008

Crazy week...

This week has been a little crazy for us. Anthony came down with a cold the day we came home from our vacation. Sydney has thrown up a couple times this week, but between the throw ups she's been acting pretty normal. She's never thrown up before and she isn't a fan, poor kid. And let's just say...neither am I. Ugh. Lucky for me Anthony was home and helped with the clean up.
Unfortunately the first puke session happened ten minutes before leaving for our first mommy and me soccer class so that was a huge bummer. She kept saying, "I okay now, I feel better! Let's play soccer with Kaden." Two hours later, "Can we play soccer with Kaden now mommy?" So that was unfortunate, but I figured it would probably be better to keep the pukey kid at home.

Here are a couple random pictures of Sydney this week...

My little bookworm-she reads before her naps and this is how I found her when I checked on her...

My little ham-she asks me, "Take my picture mommy!" Bumming a ride...Sydney riding with Justin
A couple cute things about Sydney this week....

We have a Dora book and movie about what we want to be when we grow up. Sydney has already decided she wants to be a doctor. Anthony asked her what kind and she said, "A doctor like Pop-o!" She has an Elmo doctor kit that Greg got her and she LOVES it! She checks her doll's vitals all the time, along with ours. That and the fact that she loved visiting Pop-o at his ophthamology office. She keeps talking about Pop-o checking her eyes. So yes, we apparently need to triple her college fund now. ;) She asked me, "What do you want to be when you grow up mommy?" I told her I want to be her mommy and she told me, "How 'bout a firefighter? Daddy can be in a band."

The other day Sydney told me, "Daddy is my best friend." It was the cutest thing. She loves her friends but daddy is the bees knees!

She also loves to sing. It all started when she was just a couple months old and she would sing, "ooh ohh ohh" when I sang to her at night. Now she sings along to all the kids songs I put on my Zune for the car and also along with the radio. It's pretty cute. We listen to the kids songs, along with the tunes from the 50's-the Supremes, Beach Boys and the Four Seasons are a few of her faves.

And the potty training update-a while back she was nearly potty trained, not poop trained but potty trained. Then about two months ago she regressed, completely stopped sitting on the potty. I let it go and stopped asking her if she had to go. Slowly she's been sitting on the potty again, before bath time, when she first wakes up. She's been asking about school, she can't wait to go to preschool. I explained she couldn't go to school until she's potty trained, so guess what? Yup, she's been trying hard. We even set up a sticker chart and so after 12 potties she gets a scooter, yes we've given into bribery. Normally it won't be for a toy, more like swim time at the pool or a daddy/daughter day. Stuff she would get anyway but let me tell you, this bribery...err...encouragement has worked! She's been doing great and has only had two accidents. We're also going on another tour of her preschool next week since I have a ton of questions about the curriculum which I think will be great for her to see it again and understand where she'll be going to school. She's on the list for the little 3's class in January but if by some chance she's ready in September we might just go for it...well maybe. We'll see how everything goes. ;) She loves school so much and we like to encourage it.

And here are a couple videos. I have realized that I don't take near enough videos of Sydney. I have the picture thing down but these moments are the best are the best and I need to do better at documenting what she is doing. So here you go....

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Monday, July 14, 2008

And the rest of our trip....

On Thursday we headed into San Francisco. San Francisco is just on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge from Sausalito, where we stayed at David and Beverly's "cottage."
We went to the Exploratorium first, which is a big science museum. My science nerd husband (and I mean that in a good way) loves all things science and I really want Sydney to love science also since I have never been that into it and well, if she's going to Harvard she needs to like this stuff, LOL. We spent a few hours exploring the exploratorium and had a good time.

Anthony, Syd, myself and Andrew in front of the exploratorium (it had scaffolding all over it)
So excited!
Leave it to Andrew to find the only video game in the place...


There was a really cool robot who imitated everything you did, Sydney thought it was so cool.
Here's what the robot sees and mimics
Ballet pose-can you do that robot?
Nobody else was brave enough to drink water from the toilet...except Sydney and I

This is what a little science does to my child....

The kaleidoscope mirror
We headed over to Golden Gate park, one of the coolest parks ever! Check out this's a 40 foot concrete slide. Sydney LOVED it! She started off looking a little scared but she was smiling by the end.

More please! After two trips down she asked if she could go down all by herself. We decided against it.

Part of the park
Even adults like the park
Sydney loves to climb up the slides
We headed over to a nice restaurant overlooking the bay for dinner. Here is my fam sporting sunglasses-it was bright!
This is the view from the cottage-which by the way is not really a cottage in case you were wondering. It was pretty foggy when I took this so it's not the best picture but the view from the house is terrific. The little island you see is Alcatraz, and the bridge is the Bay Bridge. You can also see San Francisco. One of the coolest things is at night-the light from Alcatraz shines into the guest room every 5 seconds. It's always seemed so surreal to me, and I love it. I mean seriously, Alcatraz!! Uncle Andrew and Sydney
Sydney and Mam-o
We stayed with Aunt Donna in Oregon on our way home. Sydney asked on the way there, "Does she have toys?" We explained no toys, just piano which was pretty fun for Sydney. Sydney took this picture of herself and Donna.
We also visited Great Aunt Dot in Oregon. She is such a lovely woman and we enjoyed our visit. After we left Sydney said, "She had no toys." Oh yes, the mind of a two year old.
Going home!
Sydney decided to put her sweatshirt on her legs like pants...silly girl.

We had a great time on our trip to California! Sydney did great, she loved exploring new places and seeing her family. She's such an easy kid to bring on trips which makes it even more enjoyable. The dvd player in the car was a bonus too, she loved watching Dora, reading books and playing with her toys.