Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

We met up with Mam-o and Pop-o in Cannon Beach, Oregon for the holiday weekend. We had such a great time! The weather was pretty decent considering it was the Oregon was 60-ish and cloudy but it was nice. It did rain for a short while, but we just put Sydney in her new rain coat and she was good to go. Sydney had the best time on the beach, she loved it and could have spent the whole day playing in the sand. Her favorite thing was picking up sand with her shovel and dropping it in the water. Later her favorite thing was to water the sand with her watering can. She loved building castles with daddy, although she enjoyed knocking them down more. We had a terrific time-so much so that Sydney cried when Pop-o and Mam-o left. She didn't want them to leave and she didn't want them to go home. "No go home, no go home!" This was also the five year anniversary of Anthony's wedding proposal to me...where else but at Cannon beach? So I probably knew it was coming since we had just closed on a house we purchased together the week before but it's a special place for both of us. We've gone to Cannon Beach the last 5 of the 7 Memorial day weekend holidays.

Here are many pictures from our fun beach trip:

Hmm...should I put sand in the water or water in the sand??
Loving up to blue puppy

Bubbles are the best
Learning to throw the frisbee
Happy birthday Pop-o! Sydney and Pop-o bonded this trip. Here we are celebrating Pop-o's birthday

All ready for the rain

We love puzzles in this family, so here is Mam-o teaching Sydney the art of puzzles

Sydney knocking down the castle (where Cinderella lives according to Sydney)

Lewis and Clark pose...
Sydney LOVES taking pictures with my camera. Here she is on the way home perfecting the art of self portraits...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Museum with the kiddos

Today we went to the Children's Museum in E-town, one of our fave places to visit. Every time we go the kids discover something new, it's great. The rooftop play area was open today and that makes this place even better.

Sydney and Samantha
Baby Jacob and Lisa-isn't my future son in law the cutest??

Having fun in the construction zoneCole!
Sydney holding baby Jacob. Okay, really he is on my lap and one leg is on Sydney's lap. She thought this was the best thing ever. She adores this little guy so much.
The girls loved the hula hoops!
This was the funniest thing. Sydney and Samantha are always in deep conversation. When I walked up to take this picture of the girls sitting in the back seat Sydney said, "I need boys to drive car." Samantha said, "Mmm hmm." Already princesses.
Slide time!

This was after a nice long nap and some dinner. Sydney is wearing her Dora backpack, and her choice of no pants. She is such a funny kid, she always has us laughing.
Doing a little jig.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A shout out to Microsoft

Today Nana, Sydney and I met up with Trevor and he took us to the employee Microsoft store. I swear I heard the "laaaaa" as we entered the doors. It was really cool. We didn't have much time to look around, and really we were just there because he was getting me the car pack for my Zune for cheap. I love it by the way...I did a whole playlist for Sydney for our big beach trip this weekend and it works great in my car. So cool!
Anyway, if you haven't heard about the MS store, basically they sell software to MS employees for dirt cheap. Software that is normally $400 sells for $30. The other stuff is cheap too, but not quite that much. My Zune car pack was about $25 cheaper than if I went to Best Buy. My family has received some pretty cool MS Christmas presents over the years, and me likey. In fact I think I will be going shopping with the bro this fall for all my Christmas presents to the family.

I love this picture of Sydney...

Even with her eyes closed. Happily helping daddy clean his bike up before his ride with our neighbor Steve. She loves to pose for pictures with daddy.

Sydney loves the bling...

Mam-o let Sydney wear her beautiful sapphire ring on the way to the airport, and Sydney didn't want to take it off. I think we finally had to do the "one more minute" before she was ready to give it up. I don't blame her, it's a gorgeous ring. Here's Sydney proudly showing off her bling...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seattle Aquarium!

Greg and Jessica took Sydney to the Aquarium a couple weeks ago, yes they really do spoil her! Sydney had a blast! Between getting to hang out with her Geg and Dess-e-ca and getting to see fish and other sea creatures, she was a happy little girl. She is such a lucky little girl to have such great godparents. She adores these two so much.
Here are some pictures from their fun day....

I think Sydney is kissing the fish....

Greg told Sydney she could pick out anything she wanted in the gift shop, and she chose Nemo.

Sydney loves her Nemo! She sleeps with him every night.