Friday, February 29, 2008

February pictures

Here are some pictures taken throughout the month that I didn't get around to posting, and I am not sure why because they are cute! I can't believe it's March already, craziness!

Sydney set up the chairs and her car like this...I think it's her own version of a drive in movie! haha
Syd has been looking so much like Anthony and his family lately! I love that she looks like both of us.
Sydney and Jessica wearing matching white vests

I love this picture
Greg, Sydney and Jessica at Senor Moose Cafe a couple weeks ago.


Today we met up with some friends at Dizzy's bus stop. Holy moly-when Jessica C and I went a couple weeks ago we were the only ones there and it was awesome. Today it was packed! I think we broke the fire marshall codes actually. It was still great to see our friends but this is the kind of place that is best when you have the place ALL to yourself. haha.

Samantha and Syd jumping
Cutie pie baby Jacob
Fun times with Dess-e-ca

Jessica has a way with the kiddos

We went to McDonalds after we played and the girls got ice cream. Cordelia told us she had never had ice cream before so I took a picture to blackmail Jessica, haha. I think Cordelia meant ice cream cones, not the ice cream.
Sydney loved her cone!
And this is how Syd eats ice cream. It cracks me up, and it takes FOREVER!

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slumber parties!

Last night Sydney had a fun slumber party with Nana and Papa. They played, went to the park, went to Nordstrom, went to the park again and played some more. What could be better than that? Oh, and Nana got to play dress up with Sydney. Bet you couldn't guess who bought the leopard print dress for Sydney huh?

Playing "goccer" with Papa

How cute are they?
And speaking of slumber parties, Sydney had a fun slumber party with Jessica and Greg recently. Here are some pictures from her time with two of her fave people.
Making cupcakes, yummy!
Finger painting-or hand painting really
Shopping with Jessica, these small carts are the best!

What a lucky girl! We feel so blessed to have so many people who love Sydney so much and want to spend time with her.

My little Betty Crocker

Sydney loves to cook and clean. This certainly can't come from me. Okay, the cooking is obviously from daddy. She loves to help him make breakfast and lately she has been helping me make lunch. She also LOVES playing in play kitchens, she can't get enough. She's my little Betty Crocker...or perhaps Rachael Ray.

The cleaning part baffles me. Okay, no I am not a total slob but just not always the tidiest of people. Sydney will ask for a paper towel to clean up any water on the floor. She moves the chairs around to pick up any dropped food under her chair. She finds teeny tiny pieces of anything on the floor and hands it to me to throw it away, or she just does it herself. We'll walk into the family room and she'll take a look at a few things on the floor and say to me, "Mommy, pick up mess." At school she takes the vacuums and vacuums up near the sensory tables when rice or other stuff gets spilled. And when I do clean she notices and tells me, "Nice clean mom." It's pretty funny.

Here are a couple pictures of my little domestic goddess:

Making her Dora chicken noodle soup
Making muffins with daddy-she actually did most of it. Puppy might have helped too.

And a video of Sydney helping daddy make pancakes from a recipe and mix Pop-o sent up.

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Here are some pictures of our little princess from yesterday. I took her to get her bangs trimmed again, and then Sydney went to Nana and Papa's house for a sleepover.

Can't forget the purse

And the loves of my life
My silly family

And the new bangs-a bit on the short and crooked side. Here's Sydney looking in the mirror saying, "What the HE double hockey sticks mom?"* I think it might just be worth it to fly Gram-o up here every two months so she can trim her bangs. She cuts some mean bangs! Jessica also took Sydney to get her bangs trimmed at a real salon and they did awesome too. Apparently not everyone can cut bangs so well.

*BTW-my child really doesn't say HE double hockey sticks-just me being funny.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sicky girl

Yesterday in the middle of Sydney's ballet class I noticed her nose was running like crazy. It's been running ever since and she didn't sleep very well last night so we decided to miss school today. Such a bummer since she loves school so much and we are going to miss next week too. But we certainly don't want to make all the other kids sick and I thought we'd lay low today so she can make a full recovery for the big trip in a few days. The thing is with this kid-even when she's sick she acts like she is normal. Here's a video of my sick girl twirling around and watching her favorite show, "Jon and Kate plus eight."

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Bathing beauty!

Yesterday we took Sydney to the pool. She's been practicing her kicks in the bathtub and we realized it's been about six months since we last took her swimming. We really need to take her every week or two-she has a great time and it's a fun and cheap family activity.

She pretty much just walked back and forth in the kiddie pool, holding on to the swimming board. She wasn't too excited about being pushed around in the water or "swimming" while daddy held her. I think she was just excited she could actually walk back and forth without standing on her tip toes like last time! She really has grown quite a bit the past few months. She was shivering the whole time-we really need to find a warmer pool, even I was a bit cold.

It was so cute-there were a couple ten year old girls that kept coming over and giving Sydney the swim boards, asking how old she was, her name, etc. She always makes friends with the older girls at the pool, it's so adorable.
Here's our bathing beauty in her new bathing suit-

And in one week we'll be in Disneyland! We leave this weekend and we are so excited! I have been buying plenty of new toys and snacks for the flight down to California. The flight is only two and a half hours so it shouldn't be too bad. The key is to keep Sydney busy! We have been "cramming" like I used to cram in college-reading tons of Disney books to Sydney so she knows all the characters. She's so addicted to Dora that she didn't really know the characters up until a couple weeks ago.

I have also started getting everything together so I can get us all packed up this week. It looks like the weather is going to be high 60's/low 70's-so really perfect. Eighty is a bit warm for walking around all day in the sun. I am also just looking forward to an afternoon of laying in the sun by the pool, that just sounds so nice. I think that will be the plan each day when we go back to the hotel in the afternoons for Sydney's nap.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Open House!

Today Anthony, Sydney and I toured open houses out in Snohomish. No we are not in the market for a new home, I just love to look and love to dream.

Sydney loves looking at the houses. She enjoyed all the rooms, the stairs, seeing where "her" room would be and she always wanted to know where daddy's bathroom was. haha.

We did find a house that was perfect-3500 square feet with a 1500 square foot unfinished basement. Along with 4 bedrooms, a bonus room and a den. Seriously, our dream house. All for the low low price of 750k. Haha, see what I mean about dreaming? Oh well, cheap entertainment.

Here's Sydney in the yard of one of the homes

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Party at our place!

We hosted a fun playdate at our house today! There were nine kids here and of course the mommies (and nanny.) We played outside for a bit, ate lunch and played some more inside. Sydney was so excited to have her friends over and hopped around quite a bit.
The kids playing outside
Kaden aka little British man
Cordelia and Angie
Sydney and Samantha decided to take a break and sit with the moms
Courtland having fun with his hat
Samantha and Syd coloring
Little Jacob taking a snooze-all the kids wear a boy out!
Courtland loves the bus!
Eight month old Ada is an expert climber! She climbed these stairs multiple times
Sydney still thinks her bumbo is neato