Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming this December....

Yup, that's right! Sydney is going to be a big sister December 17th-ish or so. I am seven weeks pregnant. We are thrilled!

I decided it'd be fun to surprise Anthony with Sydney's help. I put the pregnancy test in a plastic baggy and put her in a Big Sister t-shirt I bought a while back. Notice the look on his face after looking at Sydney's shirt and the pregnancy test...this cracks me up...

And a happy (and nervous) daddy with excited big sis. And yes I have taken multiple tests just to be sure....six to be exact.
My first appointment is May 12th, I am so excited to see the baby on an ultrasound! The pregnancy doesn't feel real until I see that baby and it's little heartbeat though. I can't wait, these twelve more days are going to be torture!!

When we first told Sydney there was a baby in my belly she just laughed. Now she talks about the baby in my belly and tells us she wants a baby brother named baby Jacob. (shocker!) She also told me she will feed and diaper the baby. This is going to be great. Do you think it's too much to ask of a three year old to change a poopy diaper???

Monday, April 28, 2008

My girl

Today at the park a little girl fell off her bicycle and Sydney laughed, loudly. So much the seven year old girl looked at her. My child isn't mean-spirited, she's just two and thinks everyone does everything for her entertainment. She thought the little girl fell off her bike purposely to make her laugh. This isn't the first time she laughed when another kid has fallen down either. I felt so bad I ran over to check on her since she was alone at the park...(umm, hello?) Anyway, she was fine, I think her ego was bruised the most.
That's the funny thing about two year olds, it's all about them. And it doesn't help that our life pretty much does revolve around her, but isn't that the way it's supposed to be when you have kids?
Anyway, here's our two year old and the ruler of the O house...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Funday Sunday

We had a fun day today! We went to our new favorite park, thanks to April who's mentioned it on her blog in the past. There are several great slides and climbing areas, along with a trail area. Sydney played on the swings, went down all the slides and really enjoyed the park. We went on a nice long walk on the nature trail, which was great. Most of it is in wetlands so they have a bridge over the whole thing. Sydney and Anthony ran for part of it, it was cute watching them.

Of course when given the choice my child picks the biggest slide

My little climber!
Sydney and I

Sydney loves the big girl swings way better....she gets more air I guess
Running on the trail
C'mon mommy!

Tonight we went to Papa and Nana's house for Nana's birthday dinner. My dad has become quite the cook-he made us Mahi Mahi with mango salsa along with salad and bread. Anthony had two helpings, it was that good! Here is Sydney with her grandparents.

Goofing off with Papa
Cute cute cute!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana!

Happy birthday to Nana! I am actually a week late...due to us being in California and forgetfulness to post this.
Sydney loves her Nana very much and we are blessed to have such a terrific grandma in her and our lives. Nana is more than a step-mom to me, she is a blessing to our family and I thank my lucky stars my dad found her.
We love you very much Nana and thank you for being you.

Rocker mama

Last night Lisa and I ventured into Seattle to watch Kristin's band play at Fado Irish Pub. Kristin and her bandmates used to play quite often back in the day, but once they all were married with kids the shows slowed down quite a bit. They started playing a few times a year again so it was great checking them out! Kristin sings vocals and plays bass.

It's great seeing a completely different side of your friend. When you look at Kristin you would never expect she was in a band. She doesn't have big arm tattoos or any weird nose and lip piercings and well...looks like a cute (and slightly pregnant!) mom. Okay, so the piercings and tats are a stereotype, but you know what I mean. It was fun watching her rock out and sing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I got kitchen! I got kitchen!

Sydney is the proud owner of her own little kitchen.
Yes, we should have bought this for our little Betty Crocker a year ago.
I was putting it off because well, kitchens take up a lot of space and we already have a few big toys that take up a big chunk of the family room. I finally decided that we would sell the big school bus and buy a kitchen with the money. (She rarely plays with the thing anyway.) Plus I found a nice little kitchen that would fit up in our kitchen nook, right next to our kitchen. Perfect, it fits into unused space and frees up the coveted space downstairs.
I ran this idea by Sydney a couple weeks ago and she was agreeable to saying goodbye to the school bus for a kitchen.
Now we just either need to find the missing letter magnets for the school bus or buy new ones so I can put it on Craig's List to sell it.
So far so good. She has been saying,"I got kitchen, I got kitchen!" She's been calling everyone on the kitchen phone describing her kitchen. She's made cupcakes and has microwaved apples and pineapple for Anthony and I. She hasn't stepped away from it since we set it up. Total success.

Here are pictures of the new addition...

Sydney posing next to her new kitchen while daddy put it together
Daddy and daughter

She's a little bit excited, can you tell?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

California pictures

We had such a fun time in California! Here are our pictures from our trip...

Mam-o bought this really neat little patio set for Sydney-she loved it! She sat here each day and had tea parties with her bears.
Chatting on the phone while having a tea party with Mam-o
Mam-o and her special little girl
More swimming
Silly uncle Andrew
Sydney loved drinking the water...
So excited to swim!
My husband thinks he is still 15-here he is doing a back flip.
That was fun!
Sydney loved her boat!
Pretty girl with pretty flowers
We made a trip to Joann Fabrics so Mam-o could make Sydney a ribbon wand like she has in dance class. Sydney loved these barrettes
The girls at the office suggested we visit Fairytale Town. We had a lot of fun! Everything was taken from the nursery rhymes-Humpty Dumpty, The old lady in the shoe, and the Cheese that stands alone.We nicknamed this place, "Slide park." It was pretty much slides everywhere which was great for Sydney, she loves her slides! The great thing is this place was built years ago so all the slides were the fast metal slides.
The turtle!
Mam-o, Pop-o, Sydney and Anthony
Another slide!
The fam in front of the teepee
The fam inside the teepee
Pretty Mam-o
The grandparents trying to be serious
Anthony and I

Sydney and I Mam-o is looking at getting a new car so we went with them to look for cars. We walked over to the Mini Cooper dealership and Sydney fell in love with this Mini pedal car. Our girl is such a car girl. We were out ALL day, and she was starting to fade. As soon as we pulled into the Audi dealership she perked up and was so excited to see the cars.
And it's just not a vacation without Anthony getting paged to go into work. We stopped by his work on the way home from the airport. Sydney loves drawing on his white board.
My future business leader...typing and talking on the phone at the same time. Nice multi-tasking.
What a fun long weekend we had! Thanks Mam-o and Pop-o for spoiling us!