Thursday, January 22, 2009

Six weeks!

Alex is already six weeks old! He is doing great. He has been working on his sleep and sleeps for five hours in a row at night now. He usually has a couple two hour sleep sessions, does a five hour and then back to two. My guess is he is sleeping about 19-20 hours a day now, sometimes even more. Yesterday it was about 23.

He started smiling this past week too, which is just the best. I love his little smiles! He is our good little eater and like my ob/gyn said, "Looks like he has the eating thing down." Yup. Anthony weighed him and it looks like he is about 11 pounds.

Sydney is doing really well too. She absolutely loves preschool. Thank goodness the teacher sends weekly updates because this is the info I get from her:
Me: Sydney, what did you do at school today?
Syd: Play with toys.
Me: Oh, what toys?
Syd: Lots of toys.
Me: What songs did you sing during circle time?
Syd: Lots of songs.

Wow, it's like she's a teenager already. It's like pulling teeth!

She hasn't gotten into too much mischief lately, besides putting butter and pancake syrup in her hair. According to her, she just wanted to see what would happen. FYI-it's a pain to get it out and requires a bath to wash it out. These little activities tend to happen when I am taking care of Alex. Hmm, interesting.

David and Beverly spent the holiday weekend with us and it was nice to have them here. Sydney had a great time with her slumber parties and keeping tabs on Pop-O. "Where'd Pop-o go?" was commonly heard. The grandparents also took Alex duty each night which was wonderful. It's amazing what a full eight hours of sleep will do.
I have about a zillion pictures to post so here we go...

My wonderful kiddos
Anthony and Pop-o with the kids
Three generations
The girls-Mam-o and Syd
Another one of the cute kiddos
All decked out in her winter attire
We went to the Children's Museum-Sydney's favorite thing was hopscotch

I love her expressions
Mam-o and Pop-o with the little man
Sydney getting ready to head outside

Alex is psyched to wear his bear outfit. Probably his last, it's just about too small!
Aren't they cute?

Alex does so well at holding his head up so we tried the bumbo and he did great. Checking to see who is bigger
We made personal pizzas for dinner one night. Sydney loved making her own and she helped with all ours too.


Wehunthouse said...

I know what you mean about trying to extract information. I ask Maddy why did you do that and I get because I did that. Thanks kid that's great! :o)
They kiddos look so big. Love the picture of Syd in the Dora hat.

FlyingCats said...

He has totally chunked out! Look at his adorable little cheeks!!!!! I can't believe how much he has changed in 3 weeks. Craziness. Annika has already grown out of all the winter clothes I bought her for Seattle, and now I need to buy some more as we are headed to Utah in 2 weeks. I like the pic where Alex is ready to bust the seams of his 'coat'. I cannot believe how fast they grow!