Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Party!

Today was Sydney's Valentine's day party at her preschool. It was great because the moms were invited to party with the kiddos. The kids frosted and decorated heart shaped cookies, they listened to a Valentine story, sang us a couple Valentine songs and even had a heart scavenger hunt. The kids also made each other valentines so it was fun to get home and look at them all. Sydney also made Anthony and I a card and a heart magnet with stamps on it. It's so cute and looks terrific on our fridge. I just love all the fun things she makes at preschool. She is always so proud of her creations and I love hanging them up in our home.

Here is Sydney decorating her Valentines. I dug out my stamps and found some Valentine stamps so we stamped cards, she colored in the hearts and we attached lollipops to the card.

All decked out for the day:
Making cookies! Sydney dumped three little containers of sprinkles on hers-mmm.
Cole and his cookie
The kids all making their cookies
Rosalie-who was in the toddler class at the community college with the kids last year.
Rosalie and her mom Nancy
Kristin and Cole
Sydney and I
Passing out the Valentines


Georgia said...

How fun!! Sydney looks too cute in her Vday outfit! Hopefully when Jess gets back from her worldly travels the kids can come over on Friday's again!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Valentine. AND, little Alex, his smile looks just like Sydney's. I can hardly wait to see them again!