Sunday, September 13, 2009

Good times with a good friend

A few weeks ago we had my dear friend Carli and her husband and daughter over. Carli and I have been friends for twenty six years, that makes me feel so old. As little girls we talked about how one day we'd have daughters and they'd grow up to be great friends. They would play together, call each other on the phone and write letters to each other. (Hey, we didn't have any idea about e-mail and text messaging back in the 80's!) It was definitely super exciting when Carli announced she was due just three months after me. I knew immediately she'd have a daughter too and she did!

Last time Gracie came over the girls fought-a lot. They fought over toys, and what was most upsetting to Sydney was Gracie wanted to name White Puppy "Coco." So they went back and forth about White Puppy's real name...which is White Puppy according to Sydney. It wasn't the best visit so I have to admit I was a bit nervous about this trip.

Well the girls got along perfectly. They were old chums within two minutes and disappeared into Sydney's room pretty quickly. They came out wearing Sydney's dress up costumes and just had a blast together. Phew. And Sydney later told me that White Puppy's new real name is White Puppy Coco. Haha, there's my problem solver for you.

Here are the girls:


Keli said...

My littlest Gretta and her cousin Tressa CANNOT play together. It's pretty bad. It gets to the point where hitting is involved, and one of the parents (usually me, because T's mom doesn't do much disciplining, hence the fighting) has to intervene. I keep hoping they'll grow out of it, but so far it hasn't happened yet. I think it might have something to do with G being the youngest and T being the oldest. Or maybe they just plain don't like eachother!

Be grateful these two have learned to play. It's so nice when they kids can entertain each other so the parents can chit chat.

Bethany Maloney said...

They are so cute!!