Monday, February 23, 2009

Alex's two month appointment

Alex is now two and a half months old! What?
Today we went for his two month doctor appointment. He is doing really well and the nurse described him as "sturdy." Our doctor was impressed with his shoulders and said he'd make a great linebacker one day. Yes, Alex is a very healthy eater. He is right on track with his development and even flirted with the doc and a couple of nurses. That's our boy.

He weighs in at 12 lbs and 9 ozs and is in the 50th percentile, his head also falls in the 50th percentile. He is 22 1/4 inches long which falls in the 10th percentile. Our kids have been blessed with good hair but definitely not height. It will be interesting to see how tall he becomes. We have quite a few shorties in our family and the only one with real height is my dad at 6'1. Since my mom was just under 5'2, that height was obviously negated.

Here's our sturdy linebacker:

That smile just melts my heart
And sisterly love-Sydney just loves Alex so much. She has been doing so well with him. Today she heard him cry in his crib so she ran to the bathroom to get her step stool, put it beside the crib and sang him songs while turning on his music mobile. What a great big sister huh?

Getting some cuddles in this past weekend
Alex knows he has the best big sissy in the world

Sydney really wanted Alex to sit with her and watch tv today so we propped him up and they had a great time.

Sydney's forced smile
I love this picture

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The kids and I met up with my aunt Sue and my cousin Barb's kids this week at the children's museum. The boys were on their mid winter break. Sydney just loves her cousins, she looks up to them so much. And her cousins are great with her. They held her hand and patiently waited for her instead of running off and exploring the next exhibit. Alex slept in the baby bjorn the whole time, he just loves that thing. It was nice because I got to catch up with my aunt Sue, who I just adore.

I love this pic of the kids

Jared reading stories to Sydney and Colin

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A couple pics, a couple vids

More cuteness from this past week...

Think he looks like a mini Anthony or what?

Sydney and Alex

Sydney loves taking my camera and taking pictures. Normally I find about 30 pictures of her blue puppy, her toys, the couch, daddy, etc. Here are a few of the pictures I found on it this time-she's already mastered the self portrait at three. Love it.

My superstar. She loves to perform, here she is standing on Alex's bumbo, not an easy task as you can tell.

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A video of the happy little guy

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The Park

Last weekend the fam headed over to the park. Sydney brought her scooter so her and daddy scooted around the park while I loaded Alex into the jogging stroller and walked a few laps around the park. It was a bit on the cold side but it was still fun nonetheless.

Pics from the trip to the park...

Getting ready to scooter!

Alex all bundled up. And his favorite thing lately, chewing on his hand. Much more convenient than a pacifier.
More cuteness.
Riding in the stroller puts Alex right to sleep.

And speaking of the park, we went to the park a couple weeks ago with our friends. The temperature hit almost 60 so it was a pretty nice visit.

Little Dane digging the ducks.
It is nearly impossible to get a picture of Garrett actually looking at me. You have to be quick and apparently I am not. Here is the cute little guy.
Samantha wasn't really liking the ducks. We had a bad experience last time we were at this park with some crazy Geese so the girls were a bit skiddish. Jacob on the other hand slept right through it all.
As did Alex

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!
We enjoyed a delish heart shaped pizza tonight from Papa Murphys-it just doesn't get any more Valentiney than that folks. Red crust and all.

Here are two of my favorite Valentines-check out Alex's expression. Apparently he was NOT a fan of the red crust.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day Party!

Today was Sydney's Valentine's day party at her preschool. It was great because the moms were invited to party with the kiddos. The kids frosted and decorated heart shaped cookies, they listened to a Valentine story, sang us a couple Valentine songs and even had a heart scavenger hunt. The kids also made each other valentines so it was fun to get home and look at them all. Sydney also made Anthony and I a card and a heart magnet with stamps on it. It's so cute and looks terrific on our fridge. I just love all the fun things she makes at preschool. She is always so proud of her creations and I love hanging them up in our home.

Here is Sydney decorating her Valentines. I dug out my stamps and found some Valentine stamps so we stamped cards, she colored in the hearts and we attached lollipops to the card.

All decked out for the day:
Making cookies! Sydney dumped three little containers of sprinkles on hers-mmm.
Cole and his cookie
The kids all making their cookies
Rosalie-who was in the toddler class at the community college with the kids last year.
Rosalie and her mom Nancy
Kristin and Cole
Sydney and I
Passing out the Valentines

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Two Months

Alex is already two months old, where has the time gone?

We were at the doctor's office last week for Alex's cold and the little man weighed in at 11 lbs and 7 ozs. He's gained five pounds in 8 weeks! He is definitely a good eater.
He's a good little boy too. He's very happy and is a pretty easy baby. He still sleeps about 19-20 hours a day and is our little cuddle bug.

Two month picture:
And here's Sydney wearing the same shirt at ten months-yes, ten months

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Jackson!

Today Sydney, Alex and I went to Jackson's birthday party. Jackson (Jessica's nephew) turned 5 and we celebrated his birthday at a local gymnastics center. The kids had a blast! Sydney's favorite thing was the inflatable slide, but she did spend some time on the balance beams and jumping on the trampolines also.

Here are some pictures of the kiddos:

The birthday boy:

Sydney enjoying the slides
Walking on the balance beam
Jackson and Sydney-how cute are they?
Jessica held Alex nearly the whole time-the boy was in heaven! He loves his Jessica.

It's not a party without a picture like this... Alex and his bff
Jackson and Jessica
Jackson and Grandma (Jessica's mom)
Tonight we went to Blazing Onion with our neighbors (and friends) Steve, Tomoko and Justin. We really enjoy hanging out with them and don't get together near enough. We had a great time and spent about 2 1/2 hours at the restaurant. We enjoyed chatting with them and Sydney and Justin enjoyed hanging out. Alex enjoyed sleeping nearly the whole time. ;)

Sydney and Justin