Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sydney's Gymnastics Show

I didn't forget about the Disney pictures-it's going to be pretty time consuming and I promise I'll do it soon.
Very soon.

In the meantime, Sydney had her gymnastics show last night and she did so well!!!
It was a bit interesting how they ran this show. Last year for ballet, the studio rented out a theater and the girls rehearsed their number for five months. Each class had a few minutes to show off their skills and yes, it was pretty good.
This was quite different. Everyone showcased what they've been learning, all at the same time. They moved from station to station and showed off the balance beam, floor routines, trampolines, etc. I will admit it was a bit chaotic. You missed out on the other girls because you were paying attention to your little one the whole time.

Anyway, Sydney showed off her forward rolls, handstands, climbing up the wall ladders, bars and rings and balance beam. She did so well and made everything look so easy! She had a blast and just loves gymnastics.
Here are the pictures from the event:

Sydney sporting her new gymnastics outfit. So excited!

Sydney and her coach, Annie

This probably won't come as a surprise, but I was the first parent to put my child on the mats for the picture. Sydney was so proud of her medal-"I got a medal, I got a medal!!!" We heard this all night long.

Syd and I
We took Syd to McDonalds for a celebratory ice cream cone. This has now become tradition since we took Syd out for ice cream after her first day of preschool. There was a woman eating an ice cream cone also and Sydney said, "She's eating ice cream! She must have done a good job too!!" Perhaps we should take her out to ice cream for more than just celebrating. LOL
She ate the whole thing-first time ever in finishing a cone.

And a few videos

First off-and grandmas-close your eyes for this one. Sydney is Miss Independent. She likes to do even the highest balance beam by herself and always tells the coach, "No, I do it myself." Here's Sydney doing it all by herself-until she gets in trouble anyway. This makes me laugh and freak out all at the same time...

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And Syd accepting her medal and certificate...

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Mommyjacks01 said...

So adorable Stace!! She looks like she is having a great time. We can't wait to see you guys in a month little over a month. Miss you.

Jessica Zevely said...

SO sweet! I can't watch the videos at work but I wll at home. Sydney looks like such a big girl...her little body is VERY muscular looking..she's gonna be one of "those" lucky girls that always has the perfect body..I'm jealous :) She's so cute and I just love her!

Anonymous said...

What a big girl! Very strong and independent!! Where did she get that from?

Please tell her that Mam-O is SOOO proud of her!
Wish I could have been there!! Next time......
Love you!