Thursday, August 20, 2009


A couple weeks ago we celebrated both my dad's birthday and my birthday at El Gaucho. El Gaucho just opened up in Bellevue and it's super nice. My brother works close by and was excited to take us as our birthday gift. Okay, so he also got me a Coach purse, holy moly! If you know me well enough you know I love me some pretty Coach handbags. Good work bro.

We had an excellent dinner. We took the kids-I know, weird huh? Apparently not many kids go to El Gaucho since we had the only high chair and booster in the restaurant.

Let me just take this opportunity to mention how amazing both kids were. We were there for nearly four hours. Alex sat in his high chair for the first two hours and just played, and spent nearly the rest of the time being held by Nana. I think he cried for four seconds when he saw me making his bottle.

I completely forgot to bring something for Sydney to play with and she did great. She played with her napkin, spoon, daddy, and we took a couple trips to the bathroom because she liked to twirl around in the full length mirror. She sat in her seat the whole time and I swear-I have no idea what I have done in my life to get such amazing, well behaved kids, but man-I love that we can take them everywhere and not have to rush out when they start acting up. I keep telling Anthony that this isn't normal but he doesn't believe me.

Anyway, we had a fantastic meal and I highly recommend the lobster mashed potatoes. Sooo good. Oh, and the Bananas Foster. Also so good.

Oh yeah-and remember that guy Sanjaya from American Idol? The one who had no talent but people voted for him anyway? His sister is the hostess there. She was on the show briefly too.

Pics of the evening....

The kiddos all dressed up and ready to roll
Mychelle and Trevor Papa and Nana
Anthony and Sydney
Alex and mommy

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