Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ocean Shores

I'm slowly catching up with updating the family blog here....bear with me.

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Ocean Shores with our friends. We had so much fun! The weather was terrific-it was low 60's and sunny-a bit windy but no rain so that is always a plus. September is always still pretty nice around here and it was great not having to fight the crowds at the beach.

We went with our friends Kristin and Mark (Cole and Brady) and Lisa and Dan (Samantha and Jake.) We left early to have a day to ourselves, and the rest of the group joined us on Saturday. We spent our time playing on the beach, swimming in the hotel pool, and more playing on the beach. The kids had a blast! They flew kites, played in the sand, rode bikes (kinda), drove the Barbie Jeep around (kinda) and just had a blast together. It's pretty awesome to have such great friends with kids that all get along!

The moms even hit up the casino on Saturday night. Definitely a nice getaway and we'll be making this a yearly trip for sure.


Coffee stop!

We're at the beach, woo hoo!

Sydney looks so grown up here...
The kidlets
Sydney has this thing about wind-she can't stand it. So we have to bundle her up and she's fine. Silly kid.
Flying kites!
Playing in the sand
The little boys had a great time

More kite flying! And yes, you can drive your cars on Washington beaches.
Anthony and Cole flying a kite Alex taking a snooze.
Not surprisingly, the Jeep didn't go too fast
Dinner at the Pizza place
Me and my girls-I love Samantha. The girl can inch her way into any picture. One day I'll have to compile all the pics that she has scooted into. Hilarious!
My fave little man
And again-the shirt is really for daddy
Alex had a great time in Brady's tent. It was loaded up with a ton of toys, had great ventilation and kept him sand free for a bit
The Barbie Jeep on top of the Xterra still cracks me up
No luck with the fishing
These girls are such good friends
Sydney looks like a little old lady here-all bundled up, crossed legs, eating snacks and chit chatting away to nobody in particular.

Time for a dip in the pool!

Nothing cuter than a baby laughing....

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Keli said...

Oh, that little dude is too cute! Those dimples make me smile! Looks like a fun little getaway, right up my alley with the beach and the sun!