Sunday, February 7, 2010

Parks and Recreation

We had such a beautiful day in Seattle yesterday! It was 61 degrees according to my car, leaving me wishing for spring already.
We ditched our plans to go to the grocery store and headed to the park. This was the first time Alex has been to the park since he started walking. Umm wow, it's a whole different experience. The boy licked every park bench and pole he could find, chased away a couple dogs and attempted to flirt with some high school girls playing basketball. He had a blast! Of course Sydney loves the park too and has a great time running around and playing on the toys.

Here are a couple pics I took on my BlackBerry:

The kids on the slide. I love the way Alex looks at his sister.
Alex's new haircut. Pretty handsome huh?


Kristin said...

Yay! New pictures! I love the hair cut, and love the way these little guys look at their older siblings! Brady does that too! It's just the sweetest thing!

Kellye said...

How fun Stacy! Glad to see new pics of those kiddos! I can't believe Alex is old enough to be doing all of that!!!