Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My little bride

Today Sydney and I headed over to the bridal shop to try on flower girl dresses for cousin Bethany's wedding. They didn't have the exact style we were looking for (the flower girl dress that matches Bethany's dress.) We did try on another one for size though and Sydney loved it. She just kept smiling at herself in the mirror, twirling around. She loves dressing up and looking like a princess.
My eyes teared up when she put on that little dress. It's probably just pregnancy hormones...okay, who am I kidding-it's totally not. All I could think about was one day in thirty years or so when she finishes medical school, we are going to be trying on wedding dresses for real. If I am tearing up now, what kind of mess am I going to be when it's the real thing? Oh boy. Anyway, here are a couple pictures from our bridal store stop...

My little princess

Bethany's dress and the flower girl dress that matches-these dresses are even way more gorgeous in person!


Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

OMG! I totally teared up just envisioning that day for you! It really will be here before we all know it too. Syd is gorgeous Stacy!

Keli said...

Oh, she is too precious! You should have seen me when my little sister tried on her wedding gown for me. Oh my! So I'm with you, I can't even imagine what it will be like with my own girls!

And I love that you have her married after medical school. I'm glad I'm not the only mom that thinks that way!