Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. We celebrated Christmas eve with my dad's side of the family at dad and Kay's house. We started the day off with bowling, definitely a fun tradition for us. The kids love it! Okay, and the adults too. It was fun for everyone to meet Alex and Sydney was spoiled with a pile of gifts she received from great aunties and cousins. Somehow I forgot my camera ( I know!) so I have no pictures. Believe me though, it was a fun time had by all.

Christmas morning was the best yet! Sydney understands the whole Santa thing so she was so excited to see what Santa would bring her. We left cookies, carrots and milk out for Santa and the reindeer the night before, along with a thank you letter. It was fun to see the crumbs Santa and the reindeer left, and Santa even wrote a message back to Sydney! The phrase of this year's Christmas is, "That's exactly what I wanted!" Sydney excitedly used this phrase upon opening her Dora fishing pole from Papa and Nana and her Dora umbrella from Santa. Yes, we did contribute to Dora's record profits again during this gift giving opportunity. My child has more Dora than I have blog posts...seriously.

Alex hung out with daddy and in his swing while we opened gifts and let out an excited "squeak" while we opened his gifts for him. He was pretty excited about this Christmas too. Sydney was a bit disappointed she didn't get to see Santa on Christmas eve, but there's always next year I say. Speaking of next year, she is already making up her list of what she wants from Santa next year. She wants a puppy-a real one. Although her puppy of choice is red with pink polka dots.

Anyway, enough with the wine induced rambling (my first glass in 10 months, happy new year to me!)

Sydney's gifts from Santa-a Dora umbrella and a Dora bike!
My sweet blessings
We had our first white Christmas in 18 years!
Opening presents!
Sydney loves her new Dora robe...I wasn't kidding about the all Dora Christmas.
A gift for Sydney and daddy-love the Muppet Show!
Alex with his blue froggy from auntie Alisa, although we call it his cookie monster. He loves this thing, and held onto it for quite a while

Sydney wondering what to open next

This was actually week two of the snow so although we were getting tired of it, we knew it'd be disappearing soon and we had to take advantage of the sleds Papa brought over. Beats sliding down the hill on cardboard!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun Christmas it looks like you had. I think it was your best ever!