Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The past week or two in pictures....and Happy New Year!

We've been pretty busy in the O house. Having two kids is just a smidge more difficult than one. Just a smidge. Okay, I am lying-it's a lot more difficult. I barely have time to check my e-mail, let alone respond to them and update this blog.

The good news is that Alex is doing better at sleeping. He is sleeping by himself for a couple hours at a time which is great. Last week he would only sleep for extended periods of time on us which makes it a bit difficult to get things done. He's more alert every day and his favorite past time is staring at the ceiling fan and watching his big sister. Oh yes, and eating. This little man loves to eat, the exact opposite of Sydney. He still squeaks and is a little loud at times. I never realized how quiet Sydney was as a baby until I heard Alex cry for the first time. Wowzers, indicator that he will be a loud child one day? Maybe.

Sydney is doing really well with Alex. Last week she was asking if we could leave him at home while we ran errands, but this week she is asking to bring him everywhere-definitely a good sign. She loves to help and is doing very well at being patient while mommy and daddy tend to Alex. She has also been working on her whistling and she is doing it! There are some real whistles coming out of her which is impressive. She has been getting into some mischief too. She put small pieces of kleenex up her nose to get the boogies (in her words) and after attempts at blowing them out and even using tweezers, I had to resort to having my three year old pick her nose to get them out. Nice. She gave her baby doll a toothpaste bath (her head is still sticky) and she broke her Dora umbrella day two when she sat in it while open so she could drive her "car." Luckily daddy fixed it. Okay so nothing major but definitely a new thing for her. She's pretty sneaky!

These were taken when Alex was nine days old-he's changed so much already! Man he has good hair. My kids have definitely been blessed with the good hair genes. Thank you Papa!

Think they look alike?
So cute, they're even holding hands
Check out Alex's face! He's totally smiling at one week old and showing off his dimples. So cu-ute!
We had so much snow the past two weeks, and this wasn't the worst of it! It snowed more after this. My four wheel drive SUV even got stuck on our little hill. No good right before Christmas!
Check out Frosty the snowman!
Our house

Anthony's Ferrari. Hey it could be, you'd never know if it was (or wasn't!)

Making Christmas cookies with daddy
Alex meeting his new friend Annika, who is six weeks older than him. Alex wasn't in the mood to meet new friends and cried pretty much the whole time. Apparently Annika found the crying to be soothing and passed out shortly later.

And with that I wish everyone a Happy New Year! 2009 has been good to us. Our family is now complete and during the wee hours in the night I've had plenty of time to reflect on how truly lucky I am. Not only do I have two great kids and an amazing hubby who is the most wonderful dad, but I have fabulous friends and family who make me happy. I have a house, two nice cars (hey, I'm a car girl), I get to stay at home with my kiddos every day and really, everything I always dreamed I would have when I reached my thirties. I really am blessed and I don't always take the time to realize how truly lucky I am. May everyone have a blessed New Year.


Keli said...

Oh my cuteness! He is so adorable, and you're right on with the good hair gene. For sure. The ladies are gonna love him.

Happy new year to you, too!

Georgia said...

I'm lol at the comment about Sydney asking to leave baby at home while you run errands! Ari still sometimes will ask for a new brother!
They are both so cute! Hope you get some rest!!

Emily said...

Happy 2009 Stacy! Alex is definitely a cutie!