Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Easter Bunny

Sydney has been looking forward to visiting the Easter bunny at the mall for weeks. She's talked about it excitedly, remembering that just last year he brought her a really great laptop computer in her Easter basket. And M&M's. And the girl loves her M&M's.

Fast forward to tonight. We go to the mall to visit the bunny and get a picture. Sydney's super excited and says she can't wait to see him. We walk towards him, and she waves. Then we get about 10 feet from him and she panics. She begins crying and clinging to daddy. I try to coax (bribe) her into sitting on his lap but it's a no go. She wouldn't go near him, just waves from afar. So this is the picture we got of the event:

Alex loved the bunny. He spent nearly ten minutes on his lap while I was attempting to bribe Sydney. We even got some smiles out of him after the official picture was taken. The official photo turned out pretty good and he looked right at the camera. This was my quick attempt for blogging sake.

And here's Sydney ten feet away from the bunny. All smiles until she had to step within 9 feet of him.

Oh well, there's always next year. In the meantime we have a picture of each kid as an infant with the Easter bunny. Check out Sydney at 7 months old:

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Georgia said...

oooh, that sounds familiar!! at least you got one with Alex! He's such a cute little man!!