Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We're back!

We arrived back into Seattle last night...to rain. I miss the sunny 65 degree weather already.
We had a nice time with Mam-o and Pop-o and poor Sydney wasn't ready to come home. She kept telling me she wanted to stay with Mam-o. Aww.

Here are a couple pictures of the kiddos on the plane. Alex decided to stay awake for all but fifteen minutes. He just hung out and looked around.

The kiddos cuddling up
Sydney and Anthony had to get up for a potty break so Alex stretched out on the seats. He loves blue puppy already!
And right after I took this picture I looked out the window and saw a plane going the opposite direction. Ummm..is that normal? It wasn't that far away, in fact when Anthony came back I pointed out the black smoke from the plane going the opposite direction. He was quite surprised as well. According to him two planes don't travel in opposite directions at the same altitude. And he took flying lessons a while back so I consider him an expert. :) Anyway, scary.

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