Thursday, April 23, 2009

cars cars cars

Some families like to hike. Ours likes to visit car dealerships.
You see, Anthony and I are both car enthusiasts and mostly the German type. We've always enjoyed checking out cars. We'll spend an afternoon checking out the newest BMW models at the dealership, or sitting in all the Audis in the showroom. We rarely miss a car show-car enthusiast heaven!

Today we were at Costco and they had a new Chevy Tahoe parked inside. We took a peek but of course the doors were locked so we couldn't see much. I turned to Anthony and said, "I know what we can do this afternoon-go look at the American cars." He had the same thought. We never check out the American cars so this was a whole new adventure for us. And Sydney is always up for anything, she DETESTS going home. She loves to be out and about. And well Alex-as long as he has a bottle and binky he is good to go!

First we stopped at the Audi dealership to get the Beamer washed up (we get free car washes for life) and of course went inside and sat in all the cars. (My favorite is the Audi Q7, his is the Audi A5.) They all practically know Anthony and Sydney by name since this is a regular stop for daddy/daughter day. And we've purchased three cars there.
Then we headed over to the GMC dealership to check out the Denali. I have to admit I am not normally an American car fan, but if we ever did buy American, the Denali or Tahoe would be my choice. They are pretty sweet. In fact I drove one because the salesperson was practically pleading with us to take it out. Oh if I must. Truth be told I love taking cars out for test drives and like to drive a little crazy to really "test" the car. It freaks the salespeople out a little bit too. We went home with the same cars we started the day out with, and no-the Q7 is still on the top of my list. As much as I want to support the good ol USA, I just can't see myself driving a big American rig. Not my style. Now the Q7-so my style.

Okay, enough of the car obsession-check out these cute pictures of the kids today.

Alex in Anthony's lap during the car wash
Mmmm...yummy teething ring
How's my driving mommy?
Anthony and the kiddos testing out the A5


Keli said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only mom who loves cars. I love looking. And test driving. And then driving away in my beat up minivan, glad to not have a $1000 monthly payment!

But looking is always a blast.

FlyingCats said...

I know I'm sounding redundant redundant, but he has the most flippin' cutest cheeks ever.