Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We had a terrific Easter this year. The Easter bunny left the kids some nice things in their Easter baskets. Alex received some toys and binkies, which he always loves.
The bunny must know Sydney pretty well because he gave her cupcake holders, cake mix, frosting, princess toothpaste, a princess wand, Dora band-aids, M&M's, a chocolate bunny and a Cinderella costume. Sydney loved everything. She spent most the morning playing with the cupcake stuff, and asked me if she could open the cake mix. We will definitely be making cupcakes asap. And the girl loves toothpaste-she loves to carry it around and pretend it's a microphone.

We went the the Easter service at our church in the afternoon and brought my dad and Kay along. Afterwards we all went back to our house where Trevor joined us for enchiladas and chocolate pie for dessert.

My little princess
Sydney loves her gifts from the bunny
Alex loved his toys

Our family
The grandparents with the kiddos
Sydney talked uncle Trev into playing Legos
Sydney and my bro
My sweethearts
Nana and Papa hooked us up with these cute outfits for the kids. My dad is known for his Hawaiian shirts, so it's no surprise that he bought Alex one. And if it was up to Nana, Sydney would wear dresses every day so she bought her a beautiful dress.

I've decided self portraits are always the most flattering pictures, so here you go....

And Sydney took this one of Alex and I

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Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

If it were up to me, Syd would wear dresses everyday and live right next door. In the same token, if it were up to me, Alex would also live next door, but he would not need to wear a dress either. =)

STACY your kiddos are flippin adorable!!! I love them and I've never even met them!