Monday, April 6, 2009

Beautiful weather

We went to St. Edwards Park in Kenmore today with the usual suspects. We hadn't been to the park before and it was pretty cool. The park is gorgeous with tons of grass everywhere, and great play structures. The kids had fun as always, although there were some minor issues with Sydney getting sand in her shoes. Mental note-socks with shoes, the girl doesn't do well with any bit of sand getting in her shoe.

Couple kid pics:
I wonder if I will ever get a picture of all the kids looking at me AND smiling? Nah.
The girls
For some reason Sydney loves to lay on soccer balls

Check her form-watch out Beckham!
More soccer And Mr. sleepy pants. He was awake for about 20 minutes of our park adventure.

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Wehunthouse said...

Holy Smokes was that Jake in the first picture with the big kids? He is so big! That looked like a great park. I can't wait to see you guys!