Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana!

Today we celebrated Nana's birthday with a trip down to Greenlake. We took a little walk around the lake and enjoyed a nice picnic lunch. The weather was pretty nice too and the place was pretty busy-nothing like a little sun to get people out of their homes-with their dogs. Wow we saw a ton of dogs. Sydney was in heaven. The girl loves her doggies, even if she won't get too close to them.

Here's how we prepared for Nana's birthday-Anthony and Sydney made gingerbread cookies for Nana-her favorite!

We made cookies in the shape of hearts, dresses, handbags and shoes! Perfect. Check out Sydney's decorating technique....
Papa and Nana with the kiddos
The stroller always knocks Alex out
Swings are the best!
The grandparents with the sleepy boy
And two of my most favorite people ever


Anonymous said...

Hay Kids Sydney and Alex,
You are getting SO BIG! I love these photos of you two having such a good time with each other and your family. Couldn't be cuter! Love you, Mam-O

FlyingCats said...

I cannot believe his absolute adorableness. I love his cheeks. Annika is a narcoleptic stroller baby too. Must be nice to be chaufferred around!