Friday, November 21, 2008

Gymnastics at the O house

Gymnastics is still going really well for Sydney. She absolutely loves going to class each week. Her favorite part of gymnastics are the rings and bars. She also loves the trampoline and running around with the other kids. I really enjoy watching her, she improves each week and it's great to see how much she has progressed the past couple of months.
Although-my only beef is the chatty moms. Now don't get me wrong, I too love to socialize (just ask my teachers who made mention of it on my report cards as a kid) however I'm there to watch my child and I really enjoy watching her. Today I missed her first forward flip on the bar because Chatty Cathy next to me was chatting it up. But I was lucky enough to hear all about her real estate woes and all about her kids. I just don't get the parents who go there and don't pay attention to their kids at all-their on their mobiles or reading the latest People magazine. Should these parents be watching their kids? Isn't that the point of the parent viewing area? But I digress.

So the hub decided to build Sydney a balance beam and bar for home. Well, I think the plans are still in his head for how to build it, but we have a temporary fix for now set up in the family room.
Here's Sydney on the balance beam and bar... she does this nightly now.

(Don't try this at home folks)

And she is definitely her father's daughter. She was so excited to ride her motorcycle and wear her helmet.


Wehunthouse said...

holy cow, I can't beleive the bar. I would never get my chairs back if I built one of those for Maddy. Anthony is nuts. :) I see now why she likes the monkey mask so much, I think she must be part monkey.

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Syd is one lucky girl!!! Too many parents are so busy checking out that they miss what's really the exciting part of life!!!