Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Cole and Samantha!

Cole and Samantha both celebrated their 3rd birthdays this past week. Lisa had a birthday playdate at her home last week, but unfortunately Sydney and I were both sick and we missed it. Since Sydney doesn't forget a thing and kept asking me 100 times a day when the birthday party was, we decided to have another birthday party playdate at our house. She was parked in front of the window 30 minutes before they were to arrive, and she would have been there two hours earlier if I hadn't made her do other things-like eat breakfast. She was so excited!

She helped me plan the day-she decided her and her friends would eat chicken nuggets, strawberries, grapes and bananas. She also decided we would do a cake instead of cupcakes this time. It was adorable, my little girl is a little planner like me already!

Anyway, the kids had a great time. You can tell by how many toys are spread out throughout the house. The more toys, the more fun they had! Jakey had a great time too. He is such a big boy now and enjoyed playing. He's no longer the baby of the group!

A picture of the birthday kiddos in front of their cake...
Happy birthday Cole and Samantha!

And a couple random pictures from the past week or so...

I moved furniture and toys around in our family room this past week. Now I remember why I never put the chair here before...this took 4.3 seconds for Sydney to figure out.

Like our Halloween decorations? I tried taking them down right after Halloween but Sydney really wanted to keep them up for her friends and protested. So I kept them up. The day of the party I plugged the lights in and she told me, "Mommy, Halloween is over." Oh boy, my three year old already thinks I am soooo uncool.

Wearing daddy's safety glasses...

And the reason why a three year old still needs help getting dressed- pajama pants on the head and shirt on the legs. Silly kid.

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