Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun times with Mam-o

Sydney had the best time with Mam-o this past weekend. She enjoyed trick or treating with her, but especially enjoyed spending every single second with her-no kidding. I think Mam-o had a total of five minutes to herself all weekend. Sydney has always loved Mam-o but she was attached at the hip to her this weekend. At 6:30 the first night Sydney asked, "Is it time to go night night yet?" I am fairly positive my child has never said that before, nor will she ever again. She was so excited to have a slumber party with her Grandma that she couldn't wait to go to bed! Mam-o always reads her a lot of books and these girls just have so much fun. Sydney wanted to take Mam-o to her room to play quite often and only Mam-o could feed her meals and help her with the potty.

Some pictures of Mam-o time...

Blue puppy is very well loved. Poor guy, Sydney uses him as a pillow every night so his stuffing was just about gone. Mam-o brought up her puppy stuffing supplies and the little blue puppy is good as new. Here are the girls stuffing blue puppy.
Hanging out in the baby Papasan. We have pulled out all of Sydney's baby belongings for baby bro and she has really enjoyed them. Will she even be able to share with baby brother when he arrives? She loves sitting in this thing while watching tv, this along with her Bumbo. She loves her Bumbo and sits in it every day.
We used watercolor paints for the first time. Sydney is still enjoying her painting very much and we now paint a few times a week. Thank goodness for washable paint!


Wehunthouse said...

Maddy loves her Bumbo too. She calls it her new old blue chair and it goes everywhere in the house. I finally had to put her papasan thingie away because she was always sitting in it...well bouncing in it really. That must be the upside of having a tiny girl, the stuff that they are supposed to grow out of by 1 is good until they are 3. :)

Jessica Zevely said...

So sweet! Sydney is very lucky to have such a wonderful grandma! I'm relieved that Blue Puppy is good as new! Pheew! :)

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

That's the sweetest thing ever Stacy! Can you only imagine how close these two will be as Syd gets older and older? Very sweet! And will have a hard time getting Syd out of Alex's things so that you can actually use them for their intended purpose and don't dare remind her..."this was yours when you were a baby" can forget any sharing after that!!! =) These kids are uber silly!