Friday, September 12, 2008


Today was Sydney's first official day of her new gymnastics class. We arrived early and watched the kids before us-same class just a different time. The kids all did so well and followed directions very nicely. Sydney kept asking, "Is it my turn yet?" She was so excited to get out on the floor. She did great with being by herself-I figured it was hit or miss and I may or may not be able to go up to the viewing room upstairs to watch her. She told me to go up there and just waved and blew kisses to me every now and then.

There were 5 kids in the class, mostly boys and one other girl. The boys were WILD. They didn't really pay attention, they kept running off to do other things and the problem with this is my child is a follower. If anyone else runs off, falls down, etc she is right there with them. She didn't do too badly but I have to say I was a bit frustrated watching this going on. The other parents of the boys didn't even seem to care. The prior two classes we attended went A LOT better.

After class I approached the teacher and asked her if the kids get better with paying attention over time in class and mentioned Sydney's pattern of following the other kids. I'm sure she could tell I was a little frustrated. The teacher told me the three boys are BFF and were in a class together this past year and they were crazy and a bit difficult to manage. She asked if we would consider the same class, different time. I said yes, the class before ours looked great. She made me feel better when she told me that if she were me, she'd put Sydney in a different class. She said Sydney is doing great, has tons of potential but this probably wasn't the best environment. So that made me feel better. I realize there are always going to be the rowdy kids and we need to work on the "not being a follower," but besides the fact that she just turned 3 five days ago and this is our first gymnastics class, I really don't want it to start off on a bad note and I want my child to learn as much as possible. week should be way better. Today wasn't bad but just wasn't quite like I envisioned. And yes, I do realize that my son will be one of those crazy boys running around like crazy. I know I have it good with Sydney so I am in for it... LOL.

My gymnast after class-who apparently forgot her beautiful smile....

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Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

I had to laugh when you mentioned about the parents of the boys just not seeming to pay attention....I laugh because I'm one of those parents and I actually am always paying attention, it's just with do I put have to let them get the rowdy out and can't always intervene. You have to choose your battles! I mean SERIOUSLY choose your battles.