Saturday, September 6, 2008

Birthday eve at the Circus!

Today we celebrated Sydney's last day of being two by going to the Circus. The circus was a bit on the long side, but it was really fun. Sydney loved the animals best-the elephants, ponies and tigers. The circus was very cirque de soleil-lots of acrobatics and all that scary fun stuff. How do they do that stuff??? We also loved the motorcycles in that little "ring of death" although apparently they don't call it that anymore, I think it's more politically correct nowadays, like "ring of fast motorcycles" or something. After the circus we enjoyed a nice lunch at Anthony's Homeport in E-town. Mmm, it was delicious.

Watching the circus

Pop-o, Sydney and Mam-o
Sydney cuddling up to her pony, thanks to Mam-o. She loves this thing!
Having fun at Anthony's Homeport
Sydney LOVED her birthday ice cream with the candle. Last year we took her to Cannon Beach for her birthday and we didn't do candles in her cake so really this is the first year of blowing out the candle!

I love this picture of Sydney and Pop-o, and I love even more that she looks just like my mom in this picture.

This was actually from a week ago, but I love this picture because she looks like such a big girl! How is my baby turning three tomorrow???


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

Jessica Zevely said...

I really don't believe that she is turning 3. She's my baby too and I'm sad in a way, pretty soon she'll be going to high school and telling you to drop her off at the corner so nobody sees who she got dropped off by....:(

Ok enough sad stuff....Let's PARTAAAAY!!! :)

Mommyjacks01 said...

Happy Birthday Sydney! Sorry to tell you but from here on out time seems to fly! Just wait until the new little on arrives. You will find yourself thinking "was that last year, oh no it was 3 years ago!" Time seems to be speeding up. She does look just like your mom in that picture!! That is so neat! Talk to you soon.

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

I cannot believe she's 3!!! This whole birthday thing is just making life hard!!! I can't believe our babies are not babies anymore! EEK!!! Glad the circus was fun!!!