Monday, September 15, 2008

Ice skating

We took Sydney ice skating for the first time this weekend. Anthony and I have talked about taking Sydney since she started walking-we both ice skated as kids, he played ice hockey when he lived in Minnesota and Canada (I think it's a school requirement there eh?) and I took ice skating lessons for a couple years when I was eight.

It started out really well. She walked around a little bit with them before she stepped on the ice and they became a little familiar. Then Anthony took her around the rink and "pushed" her along. She thought this was pretty fun. She could stand on the ice by herself and was even able to take a few steps towards Anthony. Then the unthinkable happened-she fell on her bottom on the ice. Tragic. It all went downhill from there. She was NOT happy about the fall and cried for most of the time afterwards. Really I think she lost her confidence after that. She was not happy unless Anthony was holding her and skating around the rink. She loved that. Part of the problem is we skipped the nap to go skating and that was probably not a good choice. It was still a lot of fun and it was a great introduction to ice skating. She's been talking about it ever since and she is excited to go again.

And no-I didn't skate. I figure with me being 6 1/2 months prego, probably not the safest. I even googled it to double check. Apparently you can do quite a bit of damage if you fall and since I haven't skated for a while, I didn't feel comfortable. I have to say I can't wait to get out there again though-Anthony and I went a few times before we were married and I really do love ice skating.

Getting ready to show off her mad Kristy Yamaguchi skills

Putting on the skates

Look at me!
Papa and Nana even stopped by to cheer Sydney on
We decided to put on the helmet, eventually...after the six inch fall on the bottom.

And because I thought this would be fun...

Anthony playing hockey at age 11-ish
How cute is he? I think Sydney looks a lot like him here

And one of my classic "pictures of a picture." Nice quality huh? Anyway, this is me at 8 or 9. I was in an ice production of 'Alice in Wonderland' and if you couldn't tell, I was a flower.


FlyingCats said...

Hey! You should hook up with the Robertson clan. Andy loves to take the kids skating, and I'm positive that Sonya and Aaron would adore taking Sydney around the rink!

Georgia said...

Cute!! ari and i are taking a mom and tot class next month!! She is so excited!! i am well, worried about the falling..:)