Friday, September 26, 2008

Syd and Cole

Earlier this week I watched Cole for a couple hours so Kristin could go to an appointment and run a few errands. The kids did great-they play together really well and I was actually able to get a few things done when they were playing upstairs in Sydney's room.

Playing in Sydney's room-which I realized I haven't posted pictures of her new big girl room. I will do that soon, it's so cute!

And the reason why Jakey and the future little brothers need to hurry up and grow. Poor Cole, he just doesn't have enough boys to hang out with and he is forced to do girly things. Like wear Minnie Mouse ears
And play with dolls.
Sorry little man-although it was his choice.

And tonight Sydney and I watched a gymnastics special on tv because the girl is addicted to all things gymnastics these days. Sydney loved watching the Olympic athletes on the parallel bars, rings and balance beam and told me, "I did that in gymnastics today!"
Here's Sydney dancing around to the floor routine, wearing her favorite dress. Greg and Jessica bought this for her in Cancun and oh my-Sydney wants to wear this dress every day. In fact last week she did wear it nearly all week. We've even had a tantrum or two over this dress. I asked her if she loved the dress, or loved the fact that Greg and Jessica bought it for her. She told me, "I love dress, but I really love Gweg and Jess-e-ca."


Kristin said...

My poor child! He really does need some boys in his life, huh?!? Looks like they had a great time (until I showed up, that is...) - thanks again for watching him! We'll see how they do at my house while you get a break this week!
Great pics! I need to find some pictures of those 2 when they first met to compare!

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

That's too funny about Sydney roping him in to play with dolls and such! Too cute! He'll turn out just fine though...even better so. When he has girls one day, he'll have no problem playing dolls and dressup! Ha ha!