Friday, September 19, 2008

Much better

Today was Sydney's gymnastics class with the "normal" class and it went much better. The kids are 3 and 4 so of course there was still some running around, but NOTHING like last week. I didn't go into much detail on the kids behavior last time, but not only were they running all over the place and not paying attention to the extreme, but they were disrespectful and talking back to the coach. Here are some of the things I heard coming from the wild boys..."Whatever" when asked to get in line. "I'm not doing that" "This is dumb" and just genuine rudeness. I don't expect the kids to behave perfectly and follow instructions to a T, but I do expect respect. That is what blew me away with the parents-they could have cared less. The dad next to me yawned so loudly more times than I could count, you know the loud yawn people do when they are bored? Yeah, he did that the WHOLE time. Big shocker his kid was one of the worst.

Today the kids did warm ups, hand stands, trampoline (they tried doing the splits in the air again), forward rolls, the rings, backward flips on the uneven bars, the balance beam and gosh, more stuff than I remember. Wow, I was impressed. What really impressed me about Sydney and the other kids is the coach would show the kids what to do, which was a series of five things, and they would remember them all and do it. I was amazed. Sydney did great and I am sooo glad we changed into this class. Night and day. The coach told me after class Sydney did really well and much better in this environment, and I agree.
Oh-on the way out we had to use the restroom while the "bad" class started. It was going for about five minutes and when we walked out of the restroom the coach was telling the kids they needed to not act all crazy today and to listen to her, follow instructions and not to run off. The class had only been going on for five minutes, yikes.

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Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

That's so awesome it went better! Sydney is the cutest! You'll have to post some pics of her in action!