Friday, September 12, 2008

Playdate at our place!

Yesterday we had a playdate at our house to celebrate one of the nice last days of summer. The weather's been great here-it was high 70's yesterday and it's supposed to reach 80 this weekend. Typical Indian summer in Seattle. We had Ari, Darren, Cole, Samantha and Jakey over, and it couldn't come soon enough for Sydney. We set up her pool in the morning and every 10 seconds she said, "Is it time to swim yet?" I would tell her that we had to wait for her friends, so she would run to the window and announce they were here so she could go swimming. (they really weren't.) Sydney's perfect playdate is the pool with her friends so she was in heaven. She spent pretty much every minute in the pool. The kids had a blast!
Jakey having fun in the sun
Jake and Ari
Big sis Samantha pushing Jake
Cole and Sydney

Sydney went back into the pool after her friends left before her nap. And then again after her nap. It was a bit chilly so daddy dumped some warm water into the pool. Her favorite thing to do is dunk the front of her head into the water-this is the typical after swim hairdo.

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