Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Congratulations Bethany and Max!

Congratulations to our cousin Bethany and her fiance Max! They were just engaged this past week and we are so excited for them! Bethany is such a great girl and I know Max is just as terrific. They'll be getting married this summer and they've asked Sydney to be a flower girl! She is very excited to wear a "pretty dress." Wow, two flower girl positions before the age of four, how lucky is Sydney?!! I am thinking this time she'll be able to walk down the aisle herself. (Last summer she wasn't quite two and I had to carry her down.)

And because I think Sydney's the cutest flower girl ever and I love to reminisce, here are a couple pictures of Sydney's last flower girl role...

I'm amazed Greg was ever able to put Sydney down...Greg and Jessica with all their kids. Well, some of them.
Gweg, is that it? You're finally married to my Jessica?
One of my all time fave pictures


Jessica Zevely said...

AAAW! I love it when you rememiss (sp?)! I'm so 'sited' for Sydney to be a flower girl once again! I have no doubt she will walk down all by herself. We'll have to start talking about it and getting her ready! Yay!

Maybe next time she comes over we'll watch our wedding video so she can see herself!

Tunky said...

OK love that last pic with Anthony and Sydney. Priceless:)