Saturday, October 4, 2008

MY Gweg and Jess-e-ca

Sydney was the lucky winner of "Win a fun filled day with Jessica and Greg" this past Sunday. She was looking forward to it all week and we even had a countdown going. After their fun filled day, Anthony and I drove down to Ballard and met up with them at Senor Moose, my fave Mexican place. Mmmm.
What a lucky girl to have such great godparents! They spoil her and she adores them so much. So much so that she never calls them "Greg or Jessica" but it's always, "My Gweg and my Jessica." She has decided Cole can call Jessica "My Jessica" too since she used to nanny both of them together, but Greg is non-negotiable. Oh boy, we are in trouble when these two have kids. I really think it's going to be harder on her when they have kids than when her own baby brother arrives. She really doesn't like to share them and recently she saw a picture of Greg holding another toddler and she said loudly, "That's MY Gweg!"
Here are a couple pictures I took last weekend, and Jessica has some great pictures on her blog also.

Gweg-I mean Greg and Sydney bouncing on the exercise ball. This is the best toy for toddlers!
And the happy little family LOL


Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

Please film Syd saying My Gweg and Jess-e-ca! I can only imagine how adorable that is!

Jessica Zevely said...

AAAAW! So cute...we are just as lucky to have such a great God-daughter in our lives! She's too cute..I love the "happy little fam" picture...I'm going to frame that one :)