Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkin Patch with the kiddos

Yesterday we headed to the eastside to the South 47 Farm in Redmond. They have a program called "Farm Tots" where the kids do an activity (we made bees), get a hayride and get to pick a veggie. We picked out sugar pumpkins yesterday. They also have some animals you can pet and it's just a fun place for the kids to play. This is actually our third year in a row doing it, that's how much we enjoy it. We had another beautiful day yesterday! My car registered 64 degrees after we left. Is this really fall???

Pictures through the years...
October 2006 (Sydney at 13 months)

Kristin and Cole
Angie with Cordelia and Ivy
September 2007 (2 years old)

Oh how I miss Maddy's enthusiasm. She is such a character.
Samantha! I can't get over how short her hair was a year ago, it's so long now!
Picking beans
My all time fave picture of the girls-Syd and her bestest girlfriends
And this year...
Showing off the bees!
Sydney...or Samantha! I thought Sydney looked like Samantha here and when I showed Sydney this picture she said, "There's Samantha!"
Samantha...or is it Sydney?
Having fun on our hayride
Unfortunately there was a much needed potty stop right as the hay tractor was driving to pick us up so Lisa and the kids missed out on a hayride. Here we are driving by!
Searching for the perfect pumpkins...
Sydney found it!
The kids showing off the bestest pumpkins ever!
We tried getting a picture of the kids in front of the scarecrows, but 2 out of 3 (the two on the right) weren't too excited about those scarecrow dudes.
Samantha saw me take a picture of her little bro and said she needed to be in the picture too. Silly kid.
Dane-check out those cheeks! I love them.
Ride em' cowgirl!
Cowgirl Samantha

Cowgirl Sydney
The top of the hay pyramid


Wehunthouse said...

Aw Man! I seriously got all teary eyed when I saw the pictures from last year. That was one of my very favorite things to do with you guys. The pumpkin patches here are so different (LAME). It looked like a great day. :)

Stacy O said...

I know, come back. You can live with us. You'll have to share a room with a three year old and it might not be as luxurious as your new beautiful home in Chicago, but it'd be fun!!!