Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Tonight we headed over to Mill Creek Town Center to start off our trick or treating. The businesses hand out some really good candy and it's fun to trick or treat in the daylight so you can check out the other kids' costumes. The most popular costume we saw this year was "Hannah Montana." And for the dogs...bumblebees. We saw several dogs wearing bumble bee costumes, it was funny.
We were hoping to meet up with Cole this year again like last year but we had to stick to a tight schedule and had to leave before they arrived. Papa was meeting us at home and we had a date with our neighbor Justin to trick or treat.

Sydney chose to be a doctor this year. She had her choice of Cinderella or a doctor and she wanted to be a doctor like Pop-o. She was so proud of her costume!
Dr. QT Patootie (that's what her jacket said.)

Mam-o dressed up as Sydney's patient. Only a few people actually got it...we think most thought she just looked a little strange. (She's wearing a hospital gown and check out that black eye.)
The weather was great! It rained nearly all day but stopped before we began trick or treating. My car registered 57 degrees on the way to the center.

Sydney was afraid of all these characters just six months ago at Disneyland. She loved them tonight. She even gave this squirrel a hug!
This pic is a bit washed out-but a photography studio takes pictures of the kids each year and posts them on their website to buy later. I snuck in a quick pic.
Our neighbor friend Justin and Sydney, getting ready to trick or treat around our neighborhood.
My dad came along with us since Nana is off to Mexico with the girls this week. Sydney loved having both Papa and Mam-o with her tonight.
Papa showing Sydney and Justin the neighbor's Halloween display.
The kids made it around the whole neighborhood tonight-all 49 houses! They were pretty tired by the end but Justin's lollipop gave him the energy he needed to make it through. The thought of all those M&M's waiting for Sydney at home kept her going. What a fun night! Thanks Papa and Mam-o for joining us!


Georgia said...

I love the DR costume! Cracks me up that our little princess chose to be other stuff this year! How lucky she even had a patient! Fun grandma!!

Jessica Zevely said...

SO cute!!!!!

Kristin said...

That costume turned out great! How cute! I wish we could have seen you guys...we're a little slow lately...sorry!

Emily said...

How cute!! I love that she wanted to be a doctor!

Kellye, Chad, Hayden, and Sebastian said...

LOVE IT! What a great idea! Looks like the future does hold quality healthcare with Sydney in the field! Looks like you guys had a fabulous time!