Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A shout out to Microsoft

Today Nana, Sydney and I met up with Trevor and he took us to the employee Microsoft store. I swear I heard the "laaaaa" as we entered the doors. It was really cool. We didn't have much time to look around, and really we were just there because he was getting me the car pack for my Zune for cheap. I love it by the way...I did a whole playlist for Sydney for our big beach trip this weekend and it works great in my car. So cool!
Anyway, if you haven't heard about the MS store, basically they sell software to MS employees for dirt cheap. Software that is normally $400 sells for $30. The other stuff is cheap too, but not quite that much. My Zune car pack was about $25 cheaper than if I went to Best Buy. My family has received some pretty cool MS Christmas presents over the years, and me likey. In fact I think I will be going shopping with the bro this fall for all my Christmas presents to the family.

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