Friday, May 2, 2008

Good times with Pop-O and Mam-O

Pop-o and Mam-o are up in Seattle for a conference, so while Pop-o is down in Seattle learning important medical stuff, Mam-o is hanging out with us at our house. Here are some pictures of the past few days...

Sydney with the grandparents in a Seattle parking lot

Sydney testing out Pop-o's bed at the hotel
The view from the room-typical Seattle shot with the Space Needle
We took Mam-o to the park today and met up with Cole and Kristin

Pop-o took us to a really nice restaurant tonight called the Waterfront Seafood Grill down at Pier 70. (For the Real World fans it's in the same building as the Real World Seattle was filmed. ) Anyway, the food was fabulous! We've learned that Sydney really appreciates the finer restaurants and she just smiled and looked around. She was impressed. They had a pianist there that we met later on named Ben. It was so funny, Sydney kept shh'ing because she wanted to hear the music, and Ben appreciated this nice gesture. We were at the restaurant for close to three hours and she did great! I was pretty nervous that it was too fancy to bring a two year old too, but the servers were very sweet to Sydney and she did really well. Highly recommend the place if you have some money to drop on some good seafood.

Sydney drinking her big girl drink
So excited to be at a fancy dancy place!

Sydney loves to "toast" her drink at each meal. Here we are toasting to a wonderful dinner. Mmm.

And I just couldn't pass up this photo op-check out this Ferrari and Sydney's face. My child knows a good car when she sees it.

And the evening ended with a Mam-o slumber party. Sydney had one last night with Mam-o, so tonight she was sooo excited, in fact I have never seen her so excited to go to bed. Here's Mam-o reading some stories before bedtime

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FlyingCats said...

The slumber party picture is perfect! They are both beaming -- I think you may have a co-conspiracy brewing there. Ha ha!