Monday, May 12, 2008

Ballet dress rehearsal

On Saturday we had the the big recital dress rehearsal. It actually went very well. The first major success was Sydney wore her costume, woo hoo!!! Since she would not go near it for the past month, that was a victory in itself. Secondly, all the girls stayed on stage and danced! Not quite as well as they do in front of the mirror in class, but they did it! It was seriously so darn cute. What was really cute was when they were done and the audience clapped, Sydney just lit up. She loved the enthusiasm. At this point I am predicting a successful upcoming show, but really success to me is just having my child actually stand on stage and move her foot a couple times. Back in September this never would have happened, and Sydney would have run off that stage pretty darn quick. She has changed so much in the past eight months. She started off so clingy and would barely leave my side. Now here she is, standing on stage in front of a ton of strangers, doing her bounces and taps. My little girl is growing up.

Here are some pictures....

Sydney proudly wearing her costume
I love the look on the girls faces. Sydney, Cordelia and Ivy.
On stage doing the bounces
They do have a little help from the high school girls
One of the moms was taking pictures behind the photographers, which once they realized this they weren't too excited about. Of course I saw her and approached her today about sending me a picture. A mom after my own heart, and if Anthony didn't have my camera I probably would have been sneaking in a picture or two myself.
The big show is next weekend! I am sure I'll be adding more pictures that probably look very similar to the ones above.


Anonymous said...

What could be cuter? Ican hardly wait to see the real deal!!

JessicaT said...

She is so cute. I just told Chase that now I was going to have to try for a girl! LOL Maybe I should buy a female dog that I can dress up!

Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

That is so incredibly cute! I'm sure that Sydney had a fantastic time!