Saturday, May 17, 2008

Great Grandma Pat

Nana Kay's mom passed away earlier this week. She recently had surgery and unfortunately went into cardiac arrest early Monday morning, right after Mother's day. She was doing well and it was a surprise to lose her.
We attended her beautiful service on Friday, and it was perfect. The eulogy was shared memories from her grandkids, and it was very touching.
We all know my little girl is not a fan of dresses-for Mother's day she saw me holding her tights and she said, "No dress mommy!!!" We decided it would be a nice gift to Great Grandma Pat and Nana to dress up a bit since Great Grandma Pat always loved fashion and dressed so nicely, and she of course passed this on to Kay. Here's my little girl in her pretty dress to honor Great Grandma Pat and Nana:

Big hugs to Nana Kay, we love you Nana.

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