Sunday, May 4, 2008

More pics from this weekend

Here are some pictures from this weekend. We had such a nice time with Pop-O and Mam-O, and they truly spoiled us! Last night they took us to the Metropolitan Grill and seriously, we could get used to this. The food was amazing and the service was just as fab. Many moons ago Anthony and I used to frequent nicer restaurants, but that was before the toddler and living on one income and well...we mostly do Subway these days. ;)

And here's the toddler
Sydney and Mam-O
Think they look alike?
We went down to Pacific Place today, here's Sydney checking out the tent in Eddie Bauer
This morning in front of our tulips, before heading down to Seattle one more time...
Sydney and Pop-O
Sydney really was excited...she's just not showing it here. She was sad to see Mam-O and Pop-O leave. She told me this morning, Mam-O no go home. Mam-O stay.
Sydney loves to "pretend" to sleep, it's pretty funny. Here she is with her new book from the grandparents.
It was so nice out this afternoon! After we dropped David and Beverly off at the airport we went home and Sydney and I pulled weeds while Anthony mowed the lawn. See how nice the yard looks in the background of this pic? Sydney is finally tall enough and coordinated enough to ride her trike!
Her fun Dora ATV
Sydney kept asking where Justin was. We were just getting ready to go inside when he appeared! We played outside with them for a bit. We are so blessed to have such great neighbors with a son Sydney's age!!

And a video of Sydney on her trike today...

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FlyingCats said...

Love her hat!!!! :-) She just keeps getting more independent, isn't she?