Thursday, May 8, 2008

My car girl

Sydney loves cars. She can spot an Acura MDX a mile down the road and tell us, "There's mommy's car, there's mommy's car!" She does this with family and friends cars too, she knows the make and model of them and is pretty accurate. She's been doing this since before she turned two and we are still amazed at how well a two year old can notice the slight difference in SUV's.

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Both Anthony and I are car people. In fact, I have been into cars since I was five. It all started with the Black Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit. I loved that car, although I was five and wanted a pink one. I knew what every school teacher of mine drove from first grade through high school. Actually I even knew many from college too. (And I still remember actually.) My favorite was my first grade teacher-Mrs. Marsh drove an orange Trans Am with an orange Garfield cat in the back window and a license plate that said, "Her TA." It took me two years to figure out that meant her Trans Am. It was sa-weet. I thought she was even cooler for driving that car.

So this leads me to my debacle. My child is in love with car beds. She first learned of this cool car from visiting Cameron. He has a blue one and she even wanted to take a nap in his car bed. Then yesterday we went to Jessica C's house and her son has a car bed also. Sydney laid down and pulled the blanket up. She's still talking about his bed. Right now I am trying to figure out if I should buy my child a toddler bed or jump right into the twin bed. I was thinking something like this beautiful Pottery Barn white sleigh bed...
So pretty and girly, she'll use this bed with the trundle for years to come.

This is what Sydney tells me she wants....
A pink race car bed.
Okay, I will admit it's cute but really, a car bed? It doesn't go with the girly theme I have in mind. Think lavender and light green, maybe butterflies or flowers, Pottery Barn kids-esque.
And how long will she love this thing? Also, it's very difficult to find cute car bedding for girls. Everything is blue and red, not pink to match the pink bed.
To spend $400 on a car bed she will love for a year or two is pointless. But then again the car bed is pretty cool, and really as a kid I would have loved it also.
Of course Craigslist has a million blue ones for sale, but apparently no other moms have given in to their daughter's pink race car bed request because I am not finding any for sale. If anyone happens upon a pink race car bed or can find some paint that would work over the plastic blue race car bed, let me know!


Wehunthouse said...

That is too funny! You can buy spray paint primer (yes, this is comming from me even tho I just went on a major rant about the planet) that will make it easier to paint plastic.. you may even find spray paint in the color you want (I think spray painting is way easier then traditional
I just painted Maddy's crib white. The bed transitioned to a head and foot board for a double bed. Anyway the spray painting was way easier.
Good Luck!

FlyingCats said...

Carolyn might have an old blue one to get rid of, and Aaron slept in in until he was 6. I agree with Wehunt that spray painting is sooo much easier. And you can make your own bedding too...I saw this fabric transfer paper where you can transfer photos from your desktop to the paper, and then tansfer to the fabric. Maybe our hot sewing mama Traci can make you a pink racing car quilt/blanket??? That could be a really cool room!

JessicaT said...

You know she would be the coolest little girl on the block! Go for it! lol She was pretty darn cute in the bed. I got a couple pics from the playdate I will post but they were so darn fast! LOL