Sunday, August 31, 2008

The four musketeers reunited!

Traci and Maddy are out visiting from Chicago this week so we got the kids together for a much needed playdate! We've missed these girls so much-they completed our playgroup and of course we still have a blast with just us three mommies, but there's always been something missing. I loved our little circle of friends. It was nice to catch up and watch the kids play.
Here is Sydney making final preparations for the playdate the night before-you know it's a special day when we make cupcakes!
Maddy and Sydney
Samantha kicking her feet up
This was too funny-the kids made quite the mess with the cupcakes, so here is the tail end of Sydney down on her knees, cleaning up the mess. We joked she learned this from Jessica (total neat freak) and definitely not me! and cupcakes go hand in hand
The goofball kiddos-and Cole's one appearance in photos. He's just not into pictures lately.

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