Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bears....oh my!

Our neighbor across the street (Steve) called us at 9:30pm this evening to tell us there was a bear in his driveway. Whoaaaa?? Sure enough we looked out the window and there was a bear walking around his driveway. It was a black bear and he wasn't afraid of us. How do I know this? Oh yes, Anthony and my father in law David decided to walk outside to check it out. The bear started walking towards them and they came inside. About 45 minutes later Anthony noticed the bear was on our front steps. The bear then walked towards our next door neighbor's home, in the meantime David decided to go outside and bang on pots and pans to scare him away while Anthony "protected" him and the bear ran off into the neighborhood. I'm not sure why everyone felt the need to go outside WHILE THERE WAS A BEAR ON THE LOOSE-umm, hello? Anyway, heads up that there is a bear on the loose in our neighborhood in case anyone decides to visit. Scary.

Speaking of wild animals-Steve saw a bobcat midday a couple weeks ago, right in front of our houses. Two years ago there was a deer in front of Steve's house during a winter snow, and of course we have the usual raccoons and coyotes we hear every once in a while. I consider our home in the suburbs, but apparently we live in the great wild. Geesh.

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April said...

YIKES! Scary. I can't believe they went outside. I would have been calling Animal Control so they could relocate it somewhere far far away from my house. Glad you guys got the bear away and everyone was safe.