Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pictures from the rest of the weekend

Here are some pictures from the rest of our holiday. We had a lot of fun with Eddie, Alisa, Gram-O and Pop-O!

We avoided the malls on black Friday and hung out in Kirkland instead.
If you look past Beverly's right shoulder you will see the Washington state governor, Christine Gregoire dining with her daughters.

Beverly, David and Alisa

Elvis, I mean Eddie

Checking out the trains at the train store

The "other" Italian motorcycle, the Ducati.

Eddie celebrated his birthday last month and Alisa and Anthony are celebrating their birthdays in the next couple of weeks so we had a birthday party!

We made a gingerbread house! Sydney "supervised" (i.e. she ate M&M's) while Beverly and I built the house, but Sydney did decorate some of the gingerbread men. She did really well and had fun.

Sydney decorated this man all by herself! (With exception to the frosting.)

Nice house huh? This was a lot of fun. Both Anthony and I made gingerbread houses as kids, so it was fun to re-live this as adults. Of course we didn't have the Costco kit as kids, our moms actually made it all by scratch!

And here's what happens after Sydney ate all those M&M's-she put on her kitty towel, a car bib, grabbed her "purse" (her chalk container) and dragged around a yo-yo. It was pretty funny, what a character.

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