Thursday, November 29, 2007


The bear hasn't come back, thank goodness. Our neighbor contacted the wildlife and game people and they've come out and put out a bear trap. Apparently the black bears should have hibernated by now and since ours obviously hasn't, he might be a bit more dangerous than the others. Hopefully he has figured out it's nighty night time for a while-and that he needs to move on to a new location.

Here's a couple pictures of Sydney from today

Heading out to pick up the Cam man-Syd loves her boots and would wear them every day if I would let her. The problem is they are a tad big so she tends to trip a little more often.

Last minute milk time before bedtime

Apparently this shirt is a bit small-I had a very hard time getting it off over Syd's head tonight, of course she thought it was the funniest thing.

This got me thinking, how long have we had this shirt? I started searching through the online albums and sure enough, it's from last October. With exception to the too-tight neckline, it still fits. Definitely an advantage of having a small kid, she wears her clothes forever! Here she is last October, just a few days before she started walking all by herself.

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