Monday, November 19, 2007

Tiny dancer

I'm very pleased with the activities Sydney is enrolled in at the moment-she takes a ballet dance class for two year olds on Monday, and takes a toddler class at the local community college on Tuesdays. She really enjoys her activities and I couldn't be happier with them. We have tried Gymboree and a MusikGarten class, but she just never loved them. She LOVES ballet and her school. I'm sure having her friends in her classes helps a bit too.

Today was ballet day and really, it's the cutest thing ever watching two years dance. The girls do tap the first half of class and ballet the second half.
Sydney is getting the hang of it and is doing better with her dance coordination and shyness all the time. What helps her quite a bit is her friend Ivy. Whenever Sydney is feeling shy Ivy will hold Sydney's hand and help her along. It's the sweetest thing! Here are a couple pics of our day today.

Dancing with the tap shoes

Here's a picture of Ivy and Sydney after class

And a funny video-this video makes me laugh each time I've watched it, and it's been several times. I think it's the combination of Ivy's cute dance style and Sydney's "solo" that has me giggling.

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