Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Strep in the house

Yes you read that correctly, Sydney has strep throat!!!

She's had a cold for over a week now, and she just hasn't been acting quite right. I took her to the doctor today and the doctor said she has fluid in her ear, swollen glands, a fever, a very red throat and it looks like strep. How can one little girl get sick so often?

The good news is that she won't be contagious after tomorrow afternoon since she's on antibiotics, the bad news is we went to school today. The kids do tend to wash their hands quite frequently so I am hoping we didn't get anyone sick. Egad.

I am even more amazed at how well she did at the dealership yesterday. We were at the dealership for 6 1/2 hours. No nap, although we did grab lunch at one point. Syd did amazing, especially knowing now she was sick. We just hung out, played games, even checked out the showroom cars. Sydney is definitely my child because after looking at the Audi A4, feeling the exterior paint and the leather inside she said, "niicce." She's only two and she already knows a good car when she sees one.

Here's a picture of her this morning building a house. Cameron and Sydney spend a lot of time building things out of the blocks so she has become an expert builder at this point. This is Ca-ca's (Jessica's) house according to Sydney. And yes that is money sitting next to the house. Sydney loves to count money. She plays with the money for a good 40 minutes at a time. The other day she told me, "Mommy, need more money." I have a feeling that is a request I will be hearing a lot in the years to come.

Jessica's house

Here's a picture I took the other night. Sydney is only pretending to sleep but I believe Anthony really was taking a quick nap. I love the bond these two share.

Okay and one more picture-here's a picture of the new Audi S5. This car is amazing. Anthony and I both fell in love. It's actually even better than the BMW 6 series, which is a beautiful car.

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