Monday, November 12, 2007

Our new car!

We bought a new (well used) car today! I know, I really does seem like we buy cars quite frequently. Probably because we do. We've owned seven cars between us in the six years we've been together. Well, seven cars and a motorcycle. This is a good thing though. Wait, aren't they all????!!!!

Anthony was frustrated with the horrible depreciation on his Ford F150. We bought it brand new three years ago and it was depreciating faster than we could make payments on it. He figured if we are making payments on a car, why not actually own a car that has some value in 3-5 years? The truck also has a big payment and we spend at least $300 a month on gas for it. Yes, three hundo, for gas. Fourteen miles a gallon doesn't get you far, especially when you are commuting to Bellevue each day.

We test drove the MINI Cooper (way too mini), the Mercedes E350 (I called this black tank the mafia mobile, just not us), we drove a BMW 330 (we liked it, drove great, just a bit pricey) and we drove an Audi A6 (Anthony liked it but we've owned two Audis now and he was looking forward to trying something new.) Anthony liked the BMW the best, so that is where we began our search.

I found a great little Bimmer 325i at the same Audi dealership where we bought my A4 a few years ago so Sydney and I went there to check it out. It's a 2004, only 27k miles, 5 speed, navy blue, sport suspension, new tires, sport wheels, excellent condition, great price. We drove it out to Anthony's work where he drove it around the parking lot. He liked it so I went back to do the negotiating. I am always the negotiator when we buy a car, just like my mom was. (It's the spitfire in us! LOL.) I love it and love it even more when I walk away feeling like I got a deal. I think I got a pretty great deal on this car too. Plus we'll be saving money on the payments each month and on gas, and Anthony can even get a complimentary car wash every week! The dealership is just a few miles from his work, so perfect! Oh yes, we might even be able to park both cars in the garage again-not really an option with the truck.

It was sad to see the truck go-it was a great truck and I know Anthony will miss it quite a bit. He loved the truck but the depreciation was killing him. I think the fun factor in the BMW will help ease the pain a bit though. It's a pretty fun car to drive and I can't wait to drive it too. ;)

Here are a couple of pictures of the car, although in my opinion it looks way better in person.
Without further adieu...

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Alisa said...

Eddie and I will chip in for some now spinners on the whip.