Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our 4th of July

We made it to California just about two hours ago. What a long drive, but it's nice to spend a couple days in Oregon to break up the trip a bit. We had a terrific 4th of July in Creswell, Oregon. Anthony's parents and brother drove up from California, and we had a really nice time visiting with his uncle Terry, Aunt Mickie and cousins Greg, Bethany and Mandy. They are so much fun and such a great family. Aunt Shirley and her son Wally joined us for a while too.

So here's how our trip started:

Sydney loving up to her pal Blue Puppy on the way to Oregon

It's not a family trip without a stop or two for coffee. Here's Sydney with her "coffee." Milk in her coffee cup. She thought this was pretty darn cool.
We made it to Oregon, happy 4th of July! Here is Sydney in her holiday attire:
Playing piano with Mandy
Bethany, Terry, Mickie and Mandy
I love this picture...pretty eyes run in the family!
Walking to the parade
Bethany, Anthony, Beverly, David and Sydney. Sydney is concentrating on the parade, not the camera

Uncle Terry usually has at least ten cars in his barn that are project cars. This was one of them, for 11 years I think?
Sydney really got into running out and picking up the candy.
David, Anthony, Sydney, Uncle Terry and his son Greg
And this picture is the exact reason why I love this parade so much...old guys driving their lawn mowers through the parade. Creswell is small town USA, and we love it! Sydney wasn't thrilled about wearing her flags in her hair The day was fun, but let's head over to the fireworks!
Uhh, these guys scare me a little bit...
How cute are they? Bro and Sis. Sydney is so excited for fireworks, yippeee!!!!
Most of the group waiting for the big show. Creswell has really awesome fireworks for such a small town. The fireworks are terrific and go for a good 20 minutes or so. We are always so impressed.
Sydney five minutes into the fireworks show. She was so excited for the fireworks but it was 10 pm and she had no nap...
The next morning playing with Uncle Terry. She had a blast with uncle Terry, he's just a big kid himself.
Sydney with her Uncle Greg. She adored Greg. I am sure having the name Greg helped a bit, and she was so attached to him. She kept calling him uncle Greg. I corrected her a few times saying, "No, he's your cousin Greg." I finally gave up and we stuck with the uncle part.
And today at Harry and David. Sydney is less than thrilled about being put on a scale...but check out her weight, 25 lbs!! Woo hoo! My little girl might show up on the weight chart at her next doctor appointment!

So now we are in California for the next week with Mam-o and Pop-o. Sydney LOVES California, but how can she not? Her experiences in California involve getting spoiled by Mam-o and Disneyland.

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Kellye, Chad, & Hayden said...

25 lbs isn't bad at all!!! Way to go Sydney!!! She and Hayden are only 5 lbs different! I love all the photos Stacy! Sydney is just PRECIOUS!